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Frank Frazetta 
Feburary 9, 1928 - May 10, 2010 
I'm going to post some of my favorites of his works. Post some of yours here too. 
The Death Dealer I
The Silver Warrior

Egyptian Queen





A Fighting Man Of Mars


The Moon's Rapture

Sun Goddess





Conan the Usurper

Black Panther


For more (including my NSFW favorite, Golden Girl), check out this link.
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:( This is sad. (Like, sad about his death, not whiny sad) 
Death Dealer is one of my favorite pieces of sci-fi/fantasy art.

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Well that's too bad. 
All I ever think of when I see the name Frank now is that Tested ipad endurance test. DAMN YOU FRANK!

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Aahh too bad.. I really liked some of his movie posters and other art.

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Dude had talent.

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Wow! Dude should have done more album art. That shit is 100% metal.

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Godspeed, sir, to a truly awesome afterlife

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wow he was a great artist. 

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The man defined modern fantasy art and drew some of the most awesome buxom ladies of all time. You, sir, were a treasure and will be sorely missed.

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a very sad day.

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That's sad. A lot of his stuff is really, really good. Makes me wonder how long Jim Burns has left. I can't imagine a day where we no longer have new work by him.
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This is where i embarrass myself by saying:
who is this guy?

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Never really heard of the guy, but his art looks awesome.

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@luce: The most important fantasy/genre artist of all time.
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I thought that was Yoshitaka Amano?
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@luce: You thought wrong, kid.
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Oh dear. I totally dig these artists drawing super realistic sci-fi, fantasy and comic artworks. My favorite is Joe Jusko. That guy rocks too. 
Rest In Peace, Frank Frazetta.