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In the last few weeks, my brother and I have both bought stuff at EB Games (I live in Canada) and received complimentary Axe giftpacks. Mine had some shampoo, bodywash and hair putty stuff. My brother asked the clerk about it, and apparently they've noticed that their customers can be a bit on the unhygienic side, so they're trying to make the world a better smelling place by encouraging gamers to shower. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and what you all think! Unfair stereotyping, or stinking reality? Also, I wonder with they give to the lady gamers...

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They probably give lady gamers fake facial hair and trap-ons to not get harassed by stinky pervert gamers all the time.
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Battle axes would have been cooler.

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@Axxol said:
" Battle axes would have been cooler. "
Dude, yes!
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I used to work at an EB games and we had some promotion to give out axe deodorant, but we kept forgetting to give it to people. After the promotion was over we still had a garbage bag full of them, so we split it and each took home about 150 mini sticks of deodorant.

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Well, thats quite rude. I'm not offended since I'm not that kind of person though haha, I have better hygiene than most other people.
Also, Axe products are fucking bad, they stink like shit or don't work. 
Their commercials are also insulting to their audience, which is insane.

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I am actually not offended by the gesture but the product. Some video games stores just reek of B.O. 

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@Axxol said:
" Battle axes would have been cooler. "
They'd probably have to give out the deodorant as well with those things though. You can work up quite a sweat wielding an axe!
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lol, that's pretty funny actually. 

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@Leo said:
" @Axxol said:
" Battle axes would have been cooler. "
They'd probably have to give out the deodorant as well with those things though. You can work up quite a sweat wielding an axe! "
Hell no! 
If you smell like a Viking, you might as well gear up like one.
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I knew a kid that sat home and played Counter-Strike all day. He sprayed Axe on himself about ever two minutes, but always smelled like the deepest parts of a fat man's anus. Deodorant does nothing if gamers don't shower. So this won't do much. Oh, and I just edited the Axe page. It was dead.

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Axe knows their customers...

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I was just at EB games and they had free samples everywhere which creeped  me out
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Oh, I forgot the best part! It came with an ad showing a picture of a cobwebby joystick that said "Want to play a different kind of game? Start using Axe products and get some real action!" It also said "Instead of playing single, play multiplayer." It's almost like they're encouraging people to stop gaming for the ladies haha.

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When I went to GameStop, the clerk jumped over the counter and told me, "Stop, and go back where you game from." 
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Stinky fat gamer nerds need to shower and use deodorant, but only if its from Axe, right? That's what they are saying, right?

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I wish my local Gamestop would give ME a free Axe, then I could finally do something about my troll problem...