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I need to get rid of this stuff.

Steam Coupons:

25% off Shadow Warrior (Valid until November 3rd.)

33% off Foul Play (Valid until November 15th.)

25% off Volgarr the Viking (Valid until November 15th.)

GOG.com Gift Codes (Redacted to counter bots):

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition: AJUV-YJAK-6TR3-HV( )4 - Snider's first initial

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition: 7Q( )Q-RP9A-UEVU-9GLU - Caravella's first initial

Redeem GOG.com codes here: https://secure.gog.com/redeem

My Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mklarrabee

Please, for the love of God, if there's any chance you'll use/play these, take 'em.

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I grabbed the bottom Witcher code. Thank you very much!

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I got the other Witcher code, thanks!

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I hope this does not sound selfish, but do you think I would be able to stack the volgar coupon with the one I received? Of course that is if no one else is interested in it.

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got the witcher code thanks for the freebies thumbs up!!! :D

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I also have Volgarr and Foul Play - anyone interested? We can trade for any ol' trading card.

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@busted1der: i have a CommandgirlVideo card i dont need...oh wait, do you mean you just have coupons?

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Hope you don't mind but I also have some steam codes to get rid of. I think I bought this pack months ago just for Saint Row The Third. I really don't see myself wanting to play many of these games and maybe someone else will enjoy them.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II Retribution 3PDI0-9264H-3IJR5

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War Gold JXQV4-MPWYF-2WAHI

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine5MQJP-AA086-ZB6J7

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II - Gold Edition CS32E-KHK5Q-NFKKW-848LY-XGCZN

Titan Quest Gold XNWAN-3CJDX-YTEHA

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance 29FM9-ZGE9L-HKB0K

Supreme Commander JCY42-FBT8N-INW09

Saints Row 2 NCC7P-G7YNK-EJVZW

Red Faction Guerrilla 230QT-HWZVW-V9TMT

Red Faction Armageddon CDF0H-3PB52-668JE

Nexuiz MN5D6-X6QG5-YAQEB

Metro 2033 F8ZA8-5GEZJ-CW5D6



Darksiders 2RLER-RADM2-M3YEN

Company of Heroes Game of the Year 360a-a6f0-4bf7-7af2-39e5

Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor 4MW0M-HW9GX-J2W5W

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Thanks for the codes. I grabbed Homefront and Space Marine. Both games I've been sort of interested in, but not enough to pay for.

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You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth key ninja it seems like.

They're all taken I think. :/

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Crossed them out, thanks for letting me know.

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@funkydupe: There should really be a PSA when it comes to giving away keys. How to post it so bots don't immediately snatch them, common courtesy of saying thank you, and... I guess that's it.

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After sleeping on it and coming back with a clear mind, I should of handled it a lot better. Maybe just list the names of the games and PM the codes to the users who wanted them. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to any of those games but never had the chance.