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It's Friday night and the mood is right... you know the rest.

The wife has left for a few hours, I have just poured my self a nice glass of Clontarf & (diet) Coke and am about to settle into The Walking Dead Episode 3. Start to finish which should not be to hard at all. After that, who knows. Maybe some more karaoke in Sleeping Dogs or some Crucible runs in Darksiders II. Hell maybe I'll live stream me playing some old games (not that anyone will watch or care but whatever).

So how about everyone else, what plans do you have for this fine Friday night?

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I'll probably stare at my computer screen all night and eventually fall asleep.

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Went on a terrible date, played Guild Wars 2, somehow made it through a Southpark episode without throwing my remote at the tv in disgust of what is nowadays called comedy and now I will head for bed since I got work in the morning.

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Watching a baseball game and watching the Calgary/Edmonton football game later. Might get some Dark Souls in but I played it a bunch today so maybe I'll take a break.

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Hanging out with my bro.

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I'll keep thinking about popping in DJ Hero for awhile. Might actually do it, too, if I can peel myself away from the internet.

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I'm enjoying my Saturday morning.

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going to play some volleyball, then some soccer, then finish off with skyrim through the night.

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Hehehe doing a Naruto Shippuden marathon to try to catch up .... right now im at episode 118 of 270 something .... have in mind I began like 2 days ago from ep 1 :P

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Shower, maybe grab something to eat. Walking Dead Episode 3 sounds good. I'll do that too!


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Waiting for the footballs.

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Second time I've posted this in as many days.

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Absolutely fucking nothing.

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Sleeping Dogs. Tomorrow, Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Absolutely fucking nothing.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I would say a bit of both myself.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Absolutely fucking nothing.

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Depends on how you look at it, but kinda bad.

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I go to work tomorrow morning so I'm putting it off by browsing the Internet until my body makes me sleep.

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Total laziness today, skipped my usually 10 mile run/hike and have been pretty much playing Fallen Earth all Day.

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@Video_Game_King: Yea, for me, that would be a good thing. Our summer consisted of every weekend having to be somewhere for a family function or something. September is pretty much empty now, so nothing sounds perfect to me. But I understand how it could be seen as bad as well.

At least you have us!

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Plug.DJ! Get involved!

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I will be pouring myself a nice glass of whiskey, begin watching Dexter from the beginning since the new season starts this month, and last, but not least -- I will be working the entire time. No games for me tonight. Just alcohol, DVDs playing on the laptop, and Visual Studio.

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Vodka and stare at my games and try to figure out what I wanna play.

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I haven't slept, so tonight's either gonna be really fun or really shitty. I want to start waking up earlier, but I need to be tired to sleep earlier. Here goes...

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I'm at work. Im off in 45 minutes though and then I'll be playing vidja games

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I picked up two new albums today and I'm giving both a second listen while I READ WHAT ALL YOU INTERESTING PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY

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But seriously, this shit is awesome. I'm incredibly happy right now...so glad music can still do that to me <3

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@Grimhild said:

Hit with a hurricane and still ready to party. That's how it's done.

I'm about to have a shower beer, then do a whooole lotta nothin. Cause that's my prerogative.

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Just got off work, waiting for my buddy to pick me up to go get hammered and get into some crazy shenanigans.

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I've got about a million student essays to grade but I think I'm going to go out and party instead. Hooray for being a responsible adult!

Edit: I would play some of The Witcher 2 but I'm at a quest that is a special kind of bullshit and I just can't work up the balls to go through with it.

It's the quest in chapter one where you have to fight off like 9 wraiths. Man, eff that noise.
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Got to 89% world completion before jumping around a bunch to clear some of the Platforming Puzzle-stuff in Guild Wars 2. 
After that I got in a few matches in Heart of the Swarm only to lose horribly. 
I did learn a lesson from that though, I'm horribly dependant on my hotkeys being correct or else stuff doesn't work out well.

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I'll probably play Mortal Kombat 9 or Terraria.

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Long day that's finally over and times for my late night games before I do it all over again.

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Episode 3 finished.

Fuck Episode 3.

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Went to a football game and hung out with friends, then went with said group of friends to McDonald's and ended up hanging outside for like, an hour and a half. It was great until late night stoners showed up, sat around us and started getting high and throwing chairs around.

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Earlier - Watched Jim Gaffigan with my Dad.

Now - Watching some Let's Play stuff and chillin' on the forum.

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crying myself to sleep?

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@nerdsbeware: Oh sure, Guild Wars 2 is quite amazing.
And dangerous, its so good (and free) that I uninstalled Lord of the Rings Online.
And anyone who remotely knows me knows that Lotro is my holy grail,, so yeah.