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If you have any interest in the MLB, Baseball Prospectus has the Fringe Average podcast that is full of #want #rig and #sparkle

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It's already been mentioned, but it really can't be overstated how perfect Welcome to Nightvale is;

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I'm looking for some more podcasts to listen to while at work, they don't have to be gaming related. Right now I listen to Bombcast (obviously), The Comedy Button, MBMBAM, Digital High, Geekbox, and IGN's TV & movie podcasts (I hate their loud and self-indulgent video game podcasts).

Unscripted Access and Gamekraft Gamekast both finally got on Itunes both of them are pretty great. I also really enjoy podtoid and podcast Beyond also the Rooster Teeth podcast is pretty good

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If you like board games and tabletop games you'd probably enjoy npccast.wordpress.com

Pretty entertaining group of guys who talk about non video games games. Even has a shout out to Ryan when they found out.

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The Reality Show Show is another really good Earwolf podcast!

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Just go to Earwolf and investigate. I like Professor Blastoff and Comedy Bang Bang, but there are plenty more.

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I love the Ricky Gervais show. Too bad it has ended but there are still archives of hundreds of magical hours out there.

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The Bugle is fantastic if you are the kind of person who enjoys The Daily Show, or things along those lines.

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this won't appeal to everyone, but i'm going to highly recommend here's the thing with alec baldwin.

not only is that voice as rich as deep mahogany, but he's actually an excellent interviewer as well. guests run the gamut from thespians to first-round draft-picks.

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Ten Minute Podcast.

It's only 10 minutes. You have no excuse.

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Welcome to Night Vale is fantastic.

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The Richard Herring Leicester Square Podcast or RHLSP as all the cool kids call it. Just him on stage interviewing other comedians. Absolute f'ing gold. The Russell Brand and Stephen Fry ones from the most recent series are amazing, but the first series is my fave they are almost all classics.

You maybe have to know a little bit about the history of British Comedy to fully appreciate them, but even so they are amazing. (this clip isn' all that, but its all I could find in a hurry)

EDIT: This one is better shows the combination between funny, wise, and interesting stories.

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i'l second the Ricky Gervais Show.

brilliant stuff.

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A few I didn't see mentioned that I really like ---

> Hardcore History with Dan Carlin - Wrath of the Khans series about the Mongols is a good one to start with

>This Week in Parasitism -I know, who would think? But it's usually interesting .. good for long road trips, or their rather monotone delivery can put me right to sleep if I listen in bed ...

>History of Philosophy w/ Peter Adamson - I started listening with Augustine .. hits on a lot of philosophers I never heard of but always interesting, comes in like 40min segments...

Already mentioned; >Adam Carolla Show - I see this show as Howard Stern lite

> Comedy Bang Bang - hit or miss, but the hits are great

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