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In Australia, Google just launched the Street View Photos for Google Maps. I believe there are a few funny pictures of people doing stuff in their day to day lives. So has anyone else seen any that they can post?

Here's a screenshot I took (albeit a while ago). Google Street View just reminded me about it so I thought I'd post it. I asked Maps for directions from the USA to Australia. Apparantely, step 30 is the quickest way to get there...


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Haha wow, that is pretty funny.

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lol, yeah i saw something like that a while ago. Pretty funny.

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You think that's funny, try swimming across the Atlantic Ocean to London

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Haha swimming. Even better. Nice find.
I just found kayaking funny I guess because it is quite an odd suggestion to make.
Swimming is less pratical, but if you tell someone to get across a stretch of water, more people would automatically picture swimming than kayaking.
Of course a boat would be even better, or flying.

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I bet Michael Phelps could do it in a week

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@JudgeDread: Wow. That was quite the thread necro!

Also: When I saw it, it freaked me out. That shit was terrifying!