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Look, a top ten list sitting on the front page of IGN. Generally unremarkable. But, something doesn't seem right about this article. Outside of perhaps the most trite concept ever hashed out (I'd be lying if I said no pun intended) on this date, the article jarringly splits into a review of... something? I don't know.

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The article's... like, whatever you want to make it. maaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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They had to of tried that.

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I'm pretty sure they used this exact page before.

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That's actually pretty funny.

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@tread311 said:

I'm pretty sure they used this exact page before.

last year if memory serves, or they at least did something very similar

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haha good on 'em.

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The score at the end was awesome.

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"Go home IGN editors, you're drunk." - You had one job internet guy!

Anyway, I thought that was funny, IGN is not that bad.

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My money is on Brian Altano having written this. He's pretty funny on the Comedy Button podcast and this seems like it was right down his alley. Being a senior editor at IGN also helps.

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Yeah, that has to be Altano's doing, or at least his idea.

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I was just cruising through the comments. I know that's dangerous but whatever. When I stopped scrolling down I just saw a comment that started out as, "I'm not denying women get raped but"

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"No Snoop Lion or Keanu Reeves"

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Haha that's awesome. Well played IGN.

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asdf asdf asdf is a drunk.

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Oh look a 4/20 joke. I've had trouble taking IGN seriously for about as long as I remember knowing IGN, but this changes everything.

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Yo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Hey, look, guys, marijuana makes you ALL DUMB AND SILLY AHAHAHA, and I know all about it so I'm cool and edgey and in that world. Lemme make a big deal out of it rather than just letting it be a part of culture, unquestioned, like having a few drinks is, even though it's been around for literally thousands of years, much longer than alcohol.