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Poll: (G)IF or (J)IF What side are you on (596 votes)

(G)IF 89%
(J)IF 11%

Due to recent conversation on Unprofessional Friday's and I believe the Bombcast, what side do you fall on Giant Bomb Community? Do you pronounce the term GIF with a G or J. I'm not asking what you think is correct, I'm asking you your preference.

I'm a firm believer that it's pronounced with a hard G. No judgement here though.

I noticed another thread here bringing up the matter, but I thought I'd make a poll to see the majority opinion on the subject.

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@rebgav said:


The P is silent.

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GIF, as in "like I GIF a fuck"

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@selbie said:

GIF, as in "like I GIF a fuck"

GIF me a break.

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People say its guhif because Graphics, but I say abbreviations based in the letters, so think, Gee Eye Ef said ten times fast would be Jiff. I would also call .png files "Pinch" or "PinJ",

#7 Posted by GERALTITUDE (2959 posts) -

The dude who made it up said it was jif recently, which is why I am 100% on board with it being Gif. As in

But really, jif just sounds too stupid to exist.

#8 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

I like JIF peanut butter but I also like animated GIFs...tough call

#9 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (847 posts) -

We don't want no god damn jiffers around these here parts.

#10 Posted by Bismarck (430 posts) -

GIF, jif sounds meh. I mean really, jif? JIF?

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I would also call .png files "Pinch" or "PinJ",

I keep all of my pungees in separate folders from my jurpurgs and teeeyeuffuffs.

#12 Posted by Herk (184 posts) -

I'm from Sweden so GIF is the obvious choice coming from my language

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#17 Posted by wrecks (2214 posts) -

I don't give a shit what the creator calls it, it is in the public domain, the public decided. It is not peanut butter. GRAPHIC Motherfucker!

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#22 Posted by AndrewB (7500 posts) -

I've always said "jiff," but in the light of the comment about how it would forever break the potential ".jif" format pronunciation, I'm okay with "giff."

#23 Posted by shivermetimbers (763 posts) -

I personally don't have a preference.

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Jif sounds too dirty and sleazy.

Gif 4 life.

#25 Posted by Stonyman65 (2599 posts) -

Soft G motherfucker!

(I am however, a hard G if you know what I'm sayin')

#26 Posted by SlashDance (1804 posts) -

We don't take kindly to them "jifs" 'round these parts.

#27 Posted by Phatmac (5722 posts) -

Like Patrick said on twitter even if you made it it doesn't mean that you dictate the way other people pronounce it. Deal with it.

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I'm more of a Skippy guy myself.

#29 Posted by aceofspudz (925 posts) -

Jee Eye Eff

#30 Posted by ThePickle (4155 posts) -

JIF master race.

#31 Posted by BeachThunder (11709 posts) -

JIF - as in Jraphics Interchange Format.

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Both options should just have been (G)if.

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#36 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7054 posts) -

Jif belongs on a sandwich, not in my computers.

#37 Posted by Gamer_152 (14053 posts) -

Personally I think this video covers it pretty excellently.

#38 Posted by PontiusPyrite (32 posts) -

I accept that hard g gig is correct but I still pronounce it with a soft g jif because I don't care about your rules, dad.

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Gif. Jif barely makes sense inte english and makes no sense in any other language.

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I personally would love me some JIF PEANUT BUTTER...That's why GIF (hard g) is not (J)IF because JIF reminds me of peanut butter and GIF is a file format. I would like it to remain that way and not confuse one with the other during a conversation (e.g. "are you talking about the FILE FORMAT or PEANUT BUTTER?"). DOES NOBODY ELSE FEEL THE SAME WAY AS I DO??

EDIT: Sorry I didn't read the earlier comments. Hehehe! Glad I'm not the only one!

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#43 Posted by Milkman (16536 posts) -

It's a fucking g.

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I wish there was a choice here alone the lines of "I don't care, it's not important" or "Aren't there better things to get upset about?" But considering wars have been waged over the outcome of a football game, I'm going to bow out of this one.

I don't think it's worth getting worked up about though.

#45 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4330 posts) -

Poll results make me feel a lot better about the community.

#46 Posted by randiolo (1090 posts) -

What kind of fucking savage says jiff ?

#47 Posted by Little_Socrates (5675 posts) -

Graphics Interchange Format.


And I won't get it confused with peanut butter.

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If the G in GIF stands for Graphics then why the hell would it sound like JIF ?

I don't give a phuck that the guy who created it says it sounds like JIF (Peanut Butter).

Always said it that way and always will.

#49 Posted by GaspoweR (2817 posts) -

@wrecks said:

I don't give a shit what the creator calls it, it is in the public domain, the public decided. It is not peanut butter. GRAPHIC Motherfucker!


#50 Posted by rebgav (1429 posts) -

@gaspower said:

@wrecks said:

I don't give a shit what the creator calls it, it is in the public domain, the public decided. It is not peanut butter. GRAPHIC Motherfucker!


Peanutbutterbitches.com is my messy-fetish pornsite of choice.