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Hey duders, I did my first game jam last weekend and am still all excited about it. I've made two posts about it at my tumblr I started recently here http://benamgames.com/

We won three awards at our local jam stie in San Francisco too. Most interesting use of the theme(the theme was a heart beat), most fun, and voters choice. The game isn't finished (most of the games there weren't really) but it was still an awesome time. I got to meet a few people I've only known from twitter too, like Dillon from double fine and Jim the Frog Fractions dude. I'm proud of our first game and just wanted to share it with my favorite gaming community!


You should also check out the other San Francisco games. I really loved the art for Jumpstarter, Memory, and Quantum(which doesn't seem to be on the list anymore... Hmm)