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I'm going on an ~8 hour bus ride tomorrow and need some entertainment for the ride. Due to the excessive amount of time I spend on reddit, it has been hard to ignore Game of Thrones for even this long and wanted to check it out, so I ask you bombers: Should I read the book first or start watching the show during the ride?

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It depends. Do you like reading novels are or you more akin to simply watching the tv counterpart. Regardless, both are amazing but I'd recommend the novels.

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I have not read any of the books, or watched the show, but I would recommend the book(s) because then you can still read it even if there is an EMP strike.

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I watched the show first to get into the books. Helps with picturing the characters in the books. Hopefully, by following this you are less likely to rage over changes from the book to the show. The latest episode (Season 2, Episode 8) was probably the most "debated," if you wanna call it that, episode to date. Very annoyingly so that one of the writers/producers was harassed on twitter enough for him to close his account. If you get to the second season, the podcast "Cast of Thrones" is a pretty decent, funny supplement to book readers and non-readers alike (they have one guy who hasn't read all of the books, hasn't gone further than the show's adaptation, and that's as far as they will go collectively). Their season 1 episodes are scattered and "shitty" as the hosts have described, so don't worry about them if you do even subscribe to it. Love the season 2 episodes they have though, and they're very long.

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I get dizzy as hell whenever I try reading in a car. Watch the show first.

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I watched the first season of the show, then read all the books. I'd recommend this, set up all the major players in my head and made the books more enjoyable. Well at least I think, I've never done it any other way.

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Show first. The books are better, but the show is less confusing when it comes to characters, and plotlines.

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Watch the show.

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I always prefer reading the books first, that way I can form my own image of the characters in my head - prefer that than someone else deciding what the characters should look like.

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Start your super mega epic long fantasy series kick with this instead:

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I say watch the show first, then read the books. That's what I've been doing. Although, I'm only half way through A Game of Thrones at this time. I love the show and like being surprised each episode.

One of my friends, after watching the first season, read through book 1 and is finishing up book 2 before watching season 2. She said she'd rather do that because it helps her to understand everything that's going on better, I feel like it would ruin the show for me though, knowing what is going to happen.

I guess you just have to choose if you'd rather have the book spoiled of the show spoiled. That goes for the first book anyways, since it the show basically does it chapter for chapter. I heard season 2 and A Clash of Kings splits a little more.

That being said, I have watched season 1 3 times and every episode of season 2 twice so far.

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Do you prefer books or TV shows? The fact that this is even up for debate, I would lean towards the TV show.

Not that this relates to anything, but I seem to be the only person who finds the TV show boring compared to the books.

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I mean, it really doesn't matter because they're both amazing. The books can seem more intimidating but are easier to digest than the show because they explain more about the family lines and scenes that have been omitted for brevity's sake, which is kind of backward but whatever.

I did the show -> books transition, and neither made the other less impressive.

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I read the first book after seeing the first season and while your reading the same story you've already seen it's a whole new experience because the book is so well written. From what I've read online the second season isn't the entire second book and they've changed a few things here and there. So, if you like reading more than watching TV then read the book first.

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@rjayb89 said:

I watched the show first to get into the books. Helps with picturing the characters in the books.

This is actually why I can't watch the show. I haven't even seen a screenshot of any of the characters. I wanted to keep it all a mystery because I have a very specific vision of what the characters look like in my mind and I don't want anybody or anything influencing that.
As I've told people for the past decade (or however long the movies have been out), I no longer get the same enjoyment out of reading Lord of the Rings as I used to because every time the books mention Legolas, Orlando Bloom's goofy-ass face immediately pops into my head. The Song of Ice and Fire series is hands down my favorite book series of all time and I'll be damned if I let television producers and actors ruin it for me.
That said, read the books before watching the show. Or just read the books and don't worry about the show. The books are so good that you'll be spoiled on all other fantasy for a long, long time to come.
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I watched the 1st season and then read all the books, the books obviously go into way more detail about everything that happens in the first and second seasons, which I really appreciated. Watch some of the show first at least otherwise you'll spend the whole series of shows picking out every flaw.