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This is so much better than it should be, well done! :)

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Seen this thread several times but skipped it. Finally took a peak and I am very glad I did.

Excellent work duder!

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This is brilliant, probably the best thing on the site right now.

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*Claps hands* Genius.

Especially love the Xbox One pick.

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This is great. Except for the Wii U. I love mine!

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Holy shit just saw this now!!! Excellent work!

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Love this, definitely have Theon nailed down.

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That was great, well done!

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I'm not sure the Wii one is correct.
I mean.. some of it is true but the Wii isn't a whiny little bitch 99,9% of the time.

But sure, well done!

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This is fucking incredible. Well done!

P.S. I am also reading through the books at the moment (I'm currently on the 5th book) and they are great!

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Glad this was on the front page of the site, otherwise I would have missed it. That was pretty entertaining.

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This is brilliant. Every comparison is strangely spot on.

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Lmao! Beautiful...just beautiful.

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this is great

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The captions fucking nailed it, sir.

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Ygritte is the Ouya because she's going to die.

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Good job duder!

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Stellar list.

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This is pretty great. Very accurate as well.

Poor Virtual Boy Viserys, your death was stupid and deserved.

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Perfect 10/10 LOTYAY

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Ygritte is the Ouya because she's going to die.

Shit... for some reason I didn't expect an actual spoiler. :/

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It's not a spoiler, just a cruel joke :)

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Beautiful, and skillfully spoiler free, as someone who has only read the first book can appreciate...

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THis made me smile. Nice job duder!

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This is amazing!

As soon as you said Robb Stark i said "Dreamcast". Fits his father just as well though

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Amazing post my friend... /clap

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Awesome dude. All the comparisons are fairly made. Keep it up!

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This was great! *applause* I'm glad it got on the front page so I noticed it.

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And, yet, my boyfriend refuses to watch GoT!

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This is gonna be LEGEN..... wait for it...... DARY!!!!hahahaha

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Really funny. Nice job!

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That's amazing.

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@gnomeonfire: Haha! I didn't know that since I'm not that far along, but yes, that makes the comparison even more apt!

Thanks for the compliments, recent commenters. I'll be curious to see how true the more predictive/public sentiment comparisons shake out once the new consoles are finally available, not to mention how the Game of Thrones story progresses (I'm halfway through book 3 right now and caught up on the TV series). My only regret is not including Davos, who's one of my favorite characters, but what would be a good one for him? The N64 Rumble Pak, perhaps.

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