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#51 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5270 posts) -

Spartacus is okay, but next to Game of Thrones, it's a joke.

#52 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

No sane person would prefer Spartacus over Game of Thrones.

#53 Posted by StealthRaptor (548 posts) -

@quimstyle: Ah, I meant that I don't think enough time is given to each of the characters to do their individual stories justice. When the source material is so long there is just no way to give everyone enough time.

#54 Posted by Mento (3179 posts) -

Game of Thrones is the better show, but it has one hell of an uphill climb to out-OTT both the fifth and final episodes of the latest season of Spartacus. I don't doubt it'll try its darndest. Man, I love TV right now.

#55 Posted by gamefreak9 (2854 posts) -

@Mento said:

Game of Thrones is the better show, but it has one hell of an uphill climb to out-OTT both the fifth and final episodes of the latest season of Spartacus. I don't doubt it'll try its darndest. Man, I love TV right now.

man I know right? Spartacus finale was pretty great!! I liked the game of thrones start too... though it didn't really scale with the Spartacus finale... its why I started this thread really.

#56 Posted by Captain_Insano (1721 posts) -

@Mr_Skeleton said:

No sane person would prefer Spartacus over Game of Thrones.

#57 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (553 posts) -

Game of Thrones.

#58 Posted by 815Sox (75 posts) -

Game of Thrones and Spartacus are totally different. Game of Thrones is way better... Spartacus is like watching a comic book, which is cool and some of the actresses are hot but Game of Thrones is on another level.

#59 Posted by 815Sox (75 posts) -

@Sooty said:

@WonderboyCoz said:

@StealthRaptor: hahahaha! you are fun.

just kidding, you are entitled to your opinion but saying Game of Thrones isn't well written is crazy. There is a reason that it is so highly regarded and one of the highest rated shows on TV.

Came for the swords, stayed for the incest.

To be fair, incest is in both...

#60 Posted by Nux (2551 posts) -

Game of Thrones.

#61 Posted by laserbolts (5445 posts) -

I haven't watched Spartacus but I think Game of Thrones is amazing. Is Spartacus even comparable when you look at how well produced Game of Thrones is?

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To each their own but I couldn't get past the first few episodes of Spartacus. I don't know why exactly but it just seemed silly to me - and I wasn't a fan of the acting. 
Game of Thrones on the other hand has been shaping up to become one of my favourite shows of all time.

#63 Posted by pcm501994 (2 posts) -

They are both good shows but GOT is much more realistic. Spartacus is good but has a lot of shitty cinematography for action scenes and GOT has much better acting i.e Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage and everyone else, it also has a much more profound feeling of clarity.

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@snail said:

Spartacus looked pretty shitty to me, judging by the trailers, so I didn't watch it. It really just seemed like a crappy version of Rome or something.

Man that show rocked.

Rome was awesome, I wish there were more seasons.

To answer the question at hand: Game of Thrones without a doubt, far superior show.

#65 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Game of Thrones is sooo much better than Spartacus. Instantly fell in love with GoT but with Spartacus it was never even close.

#66 Posted by Kidavenger (3883 posts) -

I like both, and both have weaknesses.

Game of Thrones has a more interesting story, but it can be very slow.

Sparticus is extremely immature to the point of being almost silly, if you can handle that, it's a lot of fun, I'm really amazed they have been able to keep it going, interesting and surprising.

They are both worth watching.

#67 Edited by NickL (2260 posts) -

I think I prefer Spartacus... its better paced. What I really don't like about Game of Throne is the jumping between story plots... Its like made for short attention span... you get like 5 min of one story, 5 minutes of another, 5 min of another, and then jump back to the first. This is understandable when they are trying to bring them together so they are showing things happening at the same time, but... most of the time its not.

I could see how one would think all of the plots weren't all interconnected from the movies, but in the book, which uses the same technique, you definitely get a better understanding of how they actually are. They just don't have enough time to make it blatantly obvious how one characters story affects everyones in a 50 minute episode I guess.

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Game of Thrones

#70 Posted by Slax (1008 posts) -

While Game of Thrones is obviously the better put together show, I find it not as entertaining or engaging as the books (pushes proverbial glass up proverbial nose). I think the biggest reason for that is I already know the story beats and what is going to happen next.

I think that Spartacus gets a bad rap because on the surface it looks just like a violent mess, which too be fair it is, but there is so much more going on. At least during the first two seasons there were so many twists and turns and the machinations of the antagonists were always brilliant to watch unfold. So, I am much more likely to watch and enjoy Spartacus, although I haven't seen an episode since God's of the Arena.

#71 Posted by teh_destroyer (3691 posts) -

Spartacus had one of the best 1st season finales to ever grace the tv screen, that shit was awesome. But that does not make it better than Game of Thrones, I miss Sean Bean being in it.

#72 Posted by Miketakon (533 posts) -

Game of Thrones. Both have hawt bumpin uglies scenes though.

#73 Edited by Mister9001 (16 posts) -

Game of Thrones by far for me.

#74 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Yep. I stand by my statement 11 months ago. Spartacus is obsessed with the word "cock".

#75 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Its just because so many people find naked bodies controversial that these scenes are still included.

#76 Posted by Nilazz (732 posts) -

It's all 'bout Xena!

#77 Posted by ms_papercut (25 posts) -

Though I enjoy both shows, I gotta go with Game of Thrones. When I started to watch Spartacus, I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever watched, but I kept watching and found myself really entertained by it. Game of Thrones got me hooked very early on. I loved it so much after finishing the first season that I had to read all the books because I couldn't wait for the second season. The characters are so well written and the constant conflicts always keep me at the edge of my seat.

So yeah. Watch both, but catch up with Game of Thrones because season 3 starts in a month and it is going to be amazing. Dammit, I wish I knew people who read the books. I can't keep all these spoilers to myself.

#78 Posted by papercut (3800 posts) -

Spartacus has possibly the worst first impression to speculator finale ratio ever, if that is even a thing, but Game of Thrones is just on a whole other level.

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It's not really fair to compare the two seeing as GoT has the best fantasy book series ever written to support it.

#80 Posted by Fattony12000 (7945 posts) -

Hoods balls.

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It's not even close. In terms of story, actors, production, nothing compares to GoT. Starz series ( except for Party Down ) flat out suck.

#83 Posted by oraknabo (1567 posts) -

I love them both, but I think I have more fun watching Spartacus.