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So I just moved in to a new apartment (the kind for adults, as opposed to slums for college students!), and I realized I have very little in the way of art for my walls. I've hung up my two guitars on wall mounts, which look good, but I was thinking I might want some quality nerd prints, to reflect my other interests. Of course, most all posters about video games are gauche and embarrassing, so I was hoping maybe you guys could point towards some better stuff!

I like a certain amount of minimalism, or at least stylized art, so I'm not looking for large prints of in-game assets (though there are some great sites for that). I like the style a lot of the stuff on Mondo, but most of it is about films/shows/games that I have no real connection to. I think the stuff on Pixology is cool, but it's maybe a little *too* minimalist, and I don't like how it usually has the name of the game at the bottom. I don't necessarily want someone to be able to tell it's from a game unless they're familiar with it; also I'm not a big fan of text in general.

I'm looking for posters and prints in all sizes, including movie-size, large landscapes, and small prints. I just hung my **Banner Saga** poster from their kickstarter, and I love that art style: poster.

Any ideas on where to look? I know this is super specific, but I thought maybe someone here would have similar tastes. Thanks!

P.S. I'm also asking this on r/gaming, but I liked the Giant Bomb Atari Box thread/art so much, I thought I should ask here too. I might even print that logo out for a square framed piece...

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You should see if you can get the Resident Evil 4 Wii edition European box art in poster form, because it's fantastic.

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You could try checking developer/publisher web sites to see if they have a store. For example, Supergiant Games has this print for sale. I bought a print from their booth at PAX that seems to not be available at their store.

I also just google [game name] and print or poster, eg. Persona 4.

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These are great jumping-off points! Thanks guys!

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If u love Giant Bomb, I made this

Problem is, it's gonna cost you round $40 to get a poster size print out of it. I know because I just did it -_-;; If you want, I could send you the file that's poster sized at 300dpi so you can get it made.

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Most people just use condoms for contraception :D

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@alternate said:

Most people just use condoms for contraception :D

Ooooooooooo internet burn!

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I'm afraid the only good sites I know for game posters or prints are UK based, but if any UK guys are reading this, try http://www.gamerprint.co.uk/. They do t shirts too.

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@alternate said:

Most people just use condoms for contraception :D

Ooooooooooo internet burn!

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@alternate: Man, condoms can get expensive if you use a lot.

Not that I would know, I'm trying to buy videogame posters for my room. So yeah.

Also, what lady wouldn't swoon when confronted with a poster of all the Persona 4 characters' glasses? Not one that I would want, sirrah! And besides, once I've gotten them in that far, it's too late! No turning back!

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There were plenty of lovely ladies at PAX that weren't necessarily dragged there by their significan other. So hang your geeky art up, and if someone recognizes it, she (or he) is a keeper.

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My aunt's looking for a poster of a Sam & Max game cover. 
...they named their two boys, who are 7 & 8 now, Sam & Max, without even realizing this was a thing. I asked them about it when they were visiting last week and she was so surprised, and wanted to pick up a poster for their house.