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Like everyone who visits this site on a regular basis, I love and enjoy playing video games on a regular basis either by myself or with some close buddies.  However, sometimes the moment arises where one may become intoxicated with certain substances and feels naturally compelled to play certain games that further enhance their inebriated experience.  Recently I have been playing 3 vs. 3 NHL Arcade nonstop with a friend of mine and simply can't get enough of it.  The best way I can describe this games is that its a Mario sports game but instead of soccer or baseball its hockey.  its goofy, charismatic character make it an exhilarating experience that's fun for anyone who can spare fifteen minutes and sometimes then some.  I've also been exploring the corrupt confines of Rapture and have to say that being intoxicated while traversing this dark and crazy world is something that I will never forget no matter how wasted I become! Hopefully i'll be sober enough to experience the ending to this truly worthy sequel to one of video games finest achievements! 
As a disclaimer, I would like to say that i don't care if you chose to get intoxicated while you play games.  Its a choice that some chose to refrain from while others embrace it and if its not your thing then please keep the peace and don't bash anyone who as chosen to do this and they in turn will show you the same kindness. With that said, what types of games do all of you play while intoxicated?

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GTA4 is pretty fun while drunk.
I remember... an ambulance? And at some point a helicopter?

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I hate playing games after drinking.

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Mw2, with mics. I was just running around with a riot shield annoying campers.

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Street Fighter IV, with friends.  Holy shit it's fun.

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@kmdrkul said:
" Street Fighter IV, with friends.  Holy shit it's fun. "
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@gamer1313 said:
" Mw2, with mics. I was just running around with a riot shield annoying campers. "
I play shooters when I'm wasted. It's usually with a group of my friends after we come home from the bars. Since we are all too big of losers to bring chicks home, we play games.
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MW2 mostly. I know, how original. 
One game you shouldn't try to play drunk is Splinter Cell: Conviction. Although it's hilarious you'll get nothing accomplished.

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I never play games while wasted. Either I watch movies or skype with friends in America.  
I did play Rock Band once though and managed to get around 90% on Don't Fear The Reaper. I have no idea how.

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Bomberman: Act Zero....I'm better at that game after I've been drinking

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Noby Noby Boy. And then you quit because of the horrible mp controls and play SSF4 with friends.

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Poker in Playstation Home. After a night out drinking I am generally wired when I get back home, so I can sit down and chill while chatting with strangers and playing some poker. Generally after a few games I've crashed.

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Below: Not me... but thinking I might try it sometime with another oldschool platformer and a buddy or two.

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My go-to answer for any question: Earthbound. 
Though really I'll play almost anything drunk as long as it's single player or strictly with friends.

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I play Red Dead Redemption while I'm drunk.  Its fun to play poker while drunk and then when you lose, shoot everyone.

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Whatever is in Bad Ronald at the time. Have a hard time working things when drunk, or not leaving things half working after wards anyway. Just have to hope it's not a game too heavy in conversation or I'll be fast asleep within minutes! Actually, I think the last game I played a bit drunk was New Super Mario on the wii, that was fun!

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To those who can play MW2 while intoxicated my hat goes off to you. I tried playing MW2 online once and the the results were not pleasant! I remember my friends and I used to play a lot of Halo 3 online split screen back in the day...might have to do that again sometime.
@suicidal sniper: I actually tried playing co-op with a buddy in conviction and while we both died several times throughout, it was still a blast and one game that I wouldn't mind playing intoxicated again.
@Azteck: I also have played rock band wasted and still do from time to time provided I can find enough people who want to play consistently.  Its hard to find enough drunk people who not only have the attention span set up the instruments but also want to play consecutive songs without toppling over or dropping their instruments! 

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I don't play much drunk. I feel if nothing else I'm missing the game. a few beers PLUS so to speak, or even say no couple of beers at all depending on what the PLUS is, and games like Bioshock(s) or dead space. I don't play 'trip' games themselves much, you know the purty ones based on color, rythim and such, but I may try someday.
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I really like Just Cause 2 because of the explosions duuuude. Just blow shit up and fly away. Apart from that b asically everything that is coop, splosion man and castle crashers for example. Also Gears, NICE. And I played lots of league of legends while drinking alone.

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Games that require good reactions are always fun drunk, things like fighting games and PC FPSes. 

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I don't do drugs and I've never played a game while drunk lol.

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I play Braid when I get high :)

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Any non-linear, open-ended type game is great to play while drunk. Games with a lot of story don't work too well, although I played the first 8 chapters of Final Fantasy XIII after consuming about four beers each time because it was so damn uninteresting. 

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Rock Band. 
New Super Mario Bros Wii.
...Beatles Rock Band while High

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A few friends and I once tried playing GT5 Prologue - with a Driving Force Pro - while intoxicated.
It was pretty fucking hilarious, until we crashed 30 seconds in and all started freaking out.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I think I honestly play better when I am not sober because I never over-think the situation. I don't predict what they are gonna do and just attack.

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After getting high I play games like BBC2, Alan wake and Spliter Cell. SC is probably the best game to play because it's such an amazing rush, for a video game.

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all of them. its a constance

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All of them...