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Each crew has a bat, a length of chain, a broken bottle and a switchblade. The "teams" are equally numbered.

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Stab dudes like uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. That's my only thought.

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Vinny would wind up on top, everybody else in the Bombsquad would just watch.

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Probably IGN considering they have a big staff.

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So like this?

Having trouble finding the original version but you get the idea.

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@Phatmac said:

Probably IGN considering they have a big staff.

No, I mustn't say it... I can't say it... but I really want to.... gnyaaar!

"That's what she...."


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The only problem is there are like 100 IGN guys right?

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@RenMcKormack: Lets say each team has the same amount of people.

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@runnah555 said:

@RenMcKormack: Lets say each team has the same amount of people.

Only on camera personalities, let's say.

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I dunno, let's face it that a big chunk of the giant bomb staff aren't exactly in fighting shape. But they do have the old school switchblade skills needed in a good burrawl.

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I think if we're gonna allow IGN to participate, it should only be their games team. Otherwise, that's like 100 people.

Edit: Their gaming editorial staff, only. Not everyone. Otherwise, Giantbomb has had some tough motherfucking interns they could bring in. Kessler be doing that Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry slam and that's all she wrote.

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i dunno, jeff listens to rap music and stuff

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Let them go at it and give Drew a bow. It would be over quick.

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Jeff Gerstmann and Stephen Totilo (middle, if you don't know who he is) for size comparison. I'm going to have to give that one to GB.

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GameBomb.ru would clearly win.

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@Dezztroy: srsly, those fuckers don't give a fuck. They will put a trident into your heart.

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Probably IGN considering they have a big staff.
My thoughts exactly.
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Body splash from the top rope.

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I don't know Ryan starts sweating just by being still but Drew is like a secret killer machine or something so who knows... I'll say Mega 64 those guys know how to fight.

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Rival Video Game Crew.

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I don't know why but I keep picturing Ryan as the last man standing by using deception and underhanded tactics, pitting everyone against each other until there's only two left and then BACKSTAB! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!

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This is probably what will trigger Drew's North Korean sleeper agent abilities. Needless to say, he'd probably wipe everyone out.

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Ryan's a sneaky bastard. Jeff has street skills. Drew trained in North Korea. Brads too sexy to hit. Patrick probably fights like a spider monkey. Vinny is Vinny. GB wins no contest.

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Mega64. Rocco, Derrick, Shawn and Eric and pushovers but Bryan carries knives and Garrett is into shooting guns and general combat.

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Why wasn't this Hunger Games?  Give Drew the bow, sit back and laugh when Chobot takes one to the face.

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Between Alex's Kung Fu, Drew's Bow and Jeff's knife collection, I'm pretty sure the Bomb Squad would have this one in the bag. Kind of a shame Tor isn't in that office anymore, though. That guy was a god damn maniac.

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Vinny's power and newly acquired parenthood will drive him to kill every motherfucker in his way. Drew is a North Korean assassin. Ryan is a mastermind of terror and stabbing enthusiast. Jeff is a jack-of-all trades and a good leader. Brad's StarCraft skills make him the strategist (because if he did it himself, he'd pull a Brad). Patrick's wiry, thin body and fear-loving tendencies make him a perfect scout/decoy. And Alex will finally harness his awkward energy to unleash the "Nicolas Cage" crazy that's been bubbling underneath the surface.

Giant Bomb wins this battle. Giant Bomb wins this battle nine times out of ten.

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I could see Jeff going all Liam Neeson and tape a knife and broken liquor bottles to his hands. Hell, I bet he's already done that.

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Vinny+Hardcore Dave.... cmon

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Can they use a knife or a bat?

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GiantBomb would bring knives probably. No one would have a gun though, because, San Francisco.

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Vinny because Vinny.