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So, I was wondering if anyone had any information on GB possibly adding Starcraft 2 achievements for tracked stuff.  I figure they would do it similar to WOW, but I have no idea, of course.  
Also, I am guessing that the PS3 thing will not work, indefinitely.  
I searched the forum for the SC2 question, so sorry if its already been asked.

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It's been asked quite a lot. I believe they are waiting for Blizzard to release the APIs, at least that is something that was brought up in previous threads. I also believe they have said they would like to track that stuff, so should the time come you can expect to see that. Hopefully we'll see it sometime in the near future.

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It's probably the same as timeline support for Steam achievements. It exists, but unless it's going to happen here we won't hear much about it on the site.

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I sent an email to the bombcast about this, and actually got a reply stating no timetable, just "when it's done."