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Dearest of Duders,

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run 3 is kicking off this Friday, April 18th! Join us directly after Unprofessional Fridays as we stream for charity all weekend long. Expect to see Endurance Running, Mad Libs, guest appearances, and hopefully a lot of really stupid shenanigans!

Over two events last year, we raised nearly $2000 for Child’s Play. This time around we've decided to donate to the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) and their CPAP Assistance Program. We hope to outdo our previous outing by setting the goal at $2500!

Although our streams will be found on Twitch, the best place to watch us will be at www.explosiveruns.com, created by @chaser324. You can watch as many as four streams at once, and chat with other viewers!

If you’re interested in streaming with us or otherwise joining the cause, contact @jeffrud. If you’d like to donate, you can do that here! If you can’t donate, help us spread the word! #GBC3R


P.S. We're also giving away a ton of digital copies of games, plus a few things that exist in three dimensional space that you will definitely NOT want to miss. -Mgmt.

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This gun be guuuud.

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I'm new to the site, so I've never gotten to see one of these, looking forward to it!

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@hammondoftexas: Just wait until you guys see the Mad Libs I have coming my way. It's gonna be something special.

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I'm up for this! Keep up the good work duders!

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@steamrickroller: Weird, to me it spelled "Happapi strap match between Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair back in early 2000". I need to see a doctor.

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Cool cause, and good luck with your fundraising!

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I might join in on Sunday. I'll probably kick in a little bit of money over the weekend. Good luck!

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@bollard I cannot make it smaller and keep it centered. Practical concerns vs. Anal retentiveness in a knife/bat fight to the death!

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Always moar Taco Hustle. <>

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@jeffrud said:

@bollard I cannot make it smaller and keep it centered.


Sure you can. You could either edit the image file itself and make it smaller, or perhaps placing it inside a table could work. But large images are great, so it's fine.

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@turboman: We look forward to it! Sunday will probably feature the result of a very terrible competition involving fish net clothing!

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Awesome I will definitely be tuning in as much as possible

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Can't wait to experience some more explosive runs.

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@csl316: You know, there are other...websites for that sort of thing...

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Great idea! Glad to see this happens more than once a year. Hopefully I can pop in and donate some.

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This is awesome duders, I'll be sure to join in and donate.

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Didn't even know we did this and I've been here a few years at this point. Just thought we had the event in October/november. Awesome duders.

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Amazing stuff. Very excited to be apart of this duders.

I will be hooking up all my old systems and streaming along side them.

If anyone is interested in joining up and playing some games together via skype send me a message on twitch!


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@nightriff: This community is incredibly generous! We aren't the same group that participated in the CMN program, but a lot of us were a part of that and other charity live streams. We're hoping to make this literally the best show of all time. Even better than Starrcade '85 or WrestleMania X7.

(Eventually this will summon @alex)

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Great to see some interest already among you fine folks. For my stream, I will be channeling my inner princess in the hopes of eventually becoming a queen.

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I swear I'm going to update ExplosiveRuns with GBC3R info at some point today. Still dealing with my PAX hangover and submitting taxes.

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Well shit I'd like to participate but no way to change my schedule. Didn't even know this was going on. On the bright side I have all intentions of doing extra life this year.

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@chaser324: Thank you so much for dealing with our nonsense. I am inclined to send you a bottle of fine hard liquor of your choosing, should you be interested.

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I'm in Japan lol.


Going to Universal Studios Osaka today lol.

This GBCER should be quite nice and good and provide happy fun and frolicks for all.



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@fattony12000: In your stead, I will be doing stereotypically British things like invading African countries and putting HP Sauce on everything I eat.

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Count me in duders, I have a PC and 4 days to spare over the weekend!

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@ramone: Check your Giant Bomb dot com inbox, you're part of an official thread for secret badasses...though everybody can see this, so I guess the secret is out now. *shrugs*

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In the name of endurance, I will attempt to complete every Ratchet & Clank console game in order! I'll be streaming as soon as GBCER3 starts, right after unpro fridays.

Japanese covers are always such gravy

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Umm...what games will be played?

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@driveuplife: I'll be playing Long Live the Queen when the event starts. I'll also attempt a Volgarr the Viking "speedrun" on Saturday (with a very special guest) and maybe Remember Me if time permits. Looks like Nickieroonie will be playing through the Ratchet & Clank games, Bollard will suffer through CoD4 on Veteran, and I heard a mention of Drakengard from jeffrud... *shudders*

There will be even more, but those are the ones I know of off the top of my head.

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Oh, a CommunityEndurance Run...

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Mwahahaha... Time to get Even.

Wait, so soon? I wish there had been a bit more warning. ha. Hopefully I can move things around and get to drop in for a while this weekend. Let's raise even more than last time! :)

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Man, I would love to stream something like this. Maybe next year!

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If a certain piece of equipment shows up as scheduled, I will be playing Beyond Good & Evil for the chosen console, Nintendo's Cube of Game's. If I change my mind because of reasons, I will play something that @alex would enjoy. If that all falls through, well...

This is going to be a thing.









I'm so sorry

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Mwahahaha... Time to get Even.

Wait, so soon? I wish there had been a bit more warning. ha. Hopefully I can move things around and get to drop in for a while this weekend. Let's raise even more than last time! :)

We'll see about that. I have a feeling things are going to get Messy.

I think more warning would be a good idea; I would have set more money aside if I had known about it earlier than I did (which I think was already earlier than most because of streams I watch).

I'm really looking forward to this. The GBCERs are always good.

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@behardy: We'd definitely love to have you aboard in any capacity, keep me in the loop and we'll try to get you on the bill if it works out for you!

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You are all going to shit the bed when you see some of the new art we just got.

Speaking of which, if you want to throw together some art about this event, I'll see that it is posted into our Fundly page. There's also room for lengthy comments on donations which will show up a public wall, so feel free to share any thoughts or memories there.

For instance, #TeamMessy would be a great thing to share. It shows that you have class and are probably overqualified for your job. Also handsome, robust, and just better than those #TeamEven schmucks.

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@behardy: That's very kind of you! Seeing as they've got probably orders of magnitude more readers than Giant Bomb, that probably helps us a lot come this weekend!

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Cool. I'll hang out and maybe throw a few bucks and games in to help.

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I've decided to join up and be one of the live streamers this weekend. I'll be playing XCOM: Enemy Within and take any names from the chat for fresh soldiers. I also intend to fire up The Banner Saga and take suggestions from chat to determine the next decision and see how badly things go!

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@jeffrud: Easter weekend at my mom's house with family means lots of solo drinking and hiding with my laptop. I'll probably check in with you guys a few times.

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if i wanted to join this event how would i do so?

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@corruptedevil: I'll be responding to your message in about two shakes. We've got a hell of a team lining up here!

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Very much looking forward to this!