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Hey bombers, I'm reopening the GB fantasy football league. I thought last year went great, and we've already got a few members returning. Additionally, I'm expanding the league to 16 teams.

Settings (not finalized):

  • Hosted at Yahoo!
  • PPR league (I find this works best with bigger leagues, as there are more possible scoring opportunities)
  • Live draft - Wednesday September 4th @ 6:15 CST
  • 16 team league


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Hey guys we're still looking for people to join this fantastic league full of mirth, joy and football.

So join everybody!!!

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I know I dominated this league last year but I'm in too many other leagues this year. Don't know if I can repeat but we'll see.

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Booooooooo, you have the defend your title

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Correction: turns out I got first in another league, and second in GBFF 2012 by three fucking points. Who was "Ghostface's Killers?"

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I am Ghostface's Killers. And I again intend to run roughshod over you all.

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I want to know the 2% that is starting Percy Harvin week 1:

GL HB to everyone in the league. LET'S GO MIDNIGHT BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROJECTED TO FINISH 6-7 DRAFT GRADE C

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Shit, forgot the draft was tonight what with all the kosher wine. Guess I'll have to dominate the league with an autopick team.

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ERIC DECKER YOU DICK 5.20 POINTS THREE DROPS ONE IN THE END ZONE GODDAMN YOU. YOU MADE WES WELKER LOOK LIKE CRIS FUCKING CARTER. (except for the part where wes fumbled the return that was pretty sweet)

At least I got this going in another league:

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I will take offers on any of my top 3 awesome WR's (Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant or TY Hilton), I could use a RB upgrade, and would consider packaging RG3 with a Wideout for an upper level guy . Midnight Brown's, I have seen your offer, and am considering it, but as that RB is on my local team, I am suspect of his value after these first two weeks.

- Nick

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Is Pungi the person who didn't know much about American football or fantasy during the draft?