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#1 Posted by mooncake (169 posts) -

On a whim, I made a redesign of the Giant Bomb logo. I started thinking about how cutting edge and modern the new site design looked (from what we could see based on the talk show), and the current logo just seemed too goofy. Now I'm not saying my logo fits the mantra and style of Giant Bomb, but it was designed to be more sleek and modern looking (hence the Helvetica-type font). Let me know what you guys think!

#2 Edited by BoFooQ (872 posts) -

terrible idea, don't fix what isn't broken

#3 Posted by RE_Player1 (7951 posts) -

Needs more Comic Sans.

#4 Posted by BravoJade (65 posts) -

Wait... what talk show? As for your logo, I can't get past how much I dislike the colors used.

#5 Posted by Firecreed17 (56 posts) -

Your font has that modern look. I would avoid italics in that particular font. The main element that breaks the design is the bomb design. It looks too vintage and old, something from an old advertisement. Honestly I can't stand the current design trends most logo design are nowadays. They lack character and are too sterile for me. Nice first round, I would go back and redesign the bomb. For inspiration look up Chip Kidd's bookcovers and particularly how he does illustrations.

#6 Posted by Ramone (3079 posts) -

I can see where you're coming from with the whole hipstery-minimalist-Olly Moss-eque aesthetic but it doesn't really fit at all with the site as it is.

#7 Posted by DelroyLindo (387 posts) -

Not a fan. But I also think the current logo is a pile of shit

#8 Posted by Pox22 (354 posts) -

Maybe if you used papyrus font. That would make it highly original and modern.

#9 Posted by Wacomole (988 posts) -

Maybe pop over to a site like dafont and grab yourself a bunch of new typefaces as that italic one, to me, just screams "This is all I had on my system" rather than "this is a conscious design decision".

It might also have been a better choice to have used the established bomb character (or at least some element of it) in your design.

#10 Posted by dcgc (916 posts) -

It's not that bad (it feels minimalistic and modern) but I prefer way much the current logo. It gives the website it's aura of foolishness.

#11 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

Nothing wrong with the current logo.

#12 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

The bomb looks like it has hope... I don’t want my bomb to have hope, I want it to be crazy.

#13 Posted by Humanity (12006 posts) -

If anything the logo and text make it look like a poster for something from the 60's.

#14 Posted by NlGHTCRAWLER (1219 posts) -

Abstract Bomb is pleased.

#15 Edited by MattyFTM (14652 posts) -

A few people in this thread need to be reminded of the number one rule of Giant Bomb: DON'T BE A JERK. Now I'm going to have to waste my time cleaning this thread up and sending out warning PM's. Thanks guys. I love all this extra work.

You're welcome to have negative opinions, but comments acting like complete assholes are not welcome. Try to be constructive with your criticism, not just "OH GAWD THIS LOOKS AWFUL!!!". That adds nothing to the discussion and makes you look like a bad person.

@mooncake: I think your new logo is cool. Minimalistic and clean, which is where modern logo designs are going. Something along those lines would probably fit the new site perfectly.

#16 Posted by betterboulder (200 posts) -

Eh. I think it looks pretty alright.

#17 Posted by SpartanAmbrose (842 posts) -

Matty's right. I was definitely being a jerk just now. Sorry.

Honestly, the only thing I don't like is the bomb's face. Something just seems off about it. The colors, the design of the "O" in "Bomb", and the font, however, are all great.

#18 Edited by Rabid619 (1124 posts) -

Yeah I'm not a fan of it. It's a bit bland for me, and I'm of the belief that the current logo is absolutely perfect for the site.

#19 Edited by Napalm (9230 posts) -

"Oof! Sonofa!"

#20 Edited by CaLe (4342 posts) -

It seems like it's trying too hard or something. The current logo is bombastic and in your face, which more suits the tone of the site I feel.

#21 Posted by thebatmobile (991 posts) -

Holy shit, all the assholes just came out of hiding. What the hell, duders.

Nice going with the redesign though. I like it! It might not be needed, but it's still a cool design.

#22 Edited by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Maybe its because, as a sign designer, I see Helvetica all the time. But Helvetica looks fucken ugly. Try Century Gothic, or Avenier. Whichever one is the thicker one.

It looks like you might have done it in vector, but I cant really tell. For a few tips, Only use a couple colors, your color choices arnt too bad, but its easer to see logos with fewer colors by their shape, then a bunch of colors, by thier shape. Also use bolder Fonts, you want to be able to read the words. If you need to use Kerning.

#23 Posted by KatyGaGa (380 posts) -

the logo should be all the guys applauding and laughing.

#24 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I am sorry, but I am not too keen on this design. It's not that it looks bad, it just doesn't really represent what i think Giant Bomb means.

#25 Posted by CrystaljDesign (165 posts) -

I used to not be a fan of the current logo, but I have grown to love it over the years. Making a new "modern" version is a fun exercise but to replace the current one would kill a part of the site's "soul" in my opinion.

That being said, I am a graphic designer by trade and I like some of your type treatment (not so much the italic) but the bomb does not read well. I was barely able to make it out because of the texture and similar colors used. The best logos have high contrast (like the white and red in the current logo), maybe make the "O" solid red and have the bomb shape cut out of it.

#26 Posted by Elazul (1345 posts) -

I have to say, I'm not really a fan. I think the red is a bit too pale, the two fonts clash far too much and the bomb face is very indistinct, due to a lack of contrast in the features. You should definitely rework the colour scheme and seriously consider getting rid of that Helvetica as it's extremely over-used and just doesn't suit the site at all. Also bear in mind that if you want to use a black font, you'll have to give it an outline so that it's visible against the inevitably black background (or at least header) that the new site will have.

Overall, I can see the potential. Don't be put off by the negative comments and have a go at refining it some once you've got a good cross-section of feedback.

#27 Edited by Teddie (413 posts) -

This thread inspired me to make two things:

and this.

Agreeing with everyone saying "modernizing" the logo doesn't suit the character of the site. I still hate the way the bomb looks in the original logo though.

#28 Edited by RenMcKormack (1087 posts) -

I like how the Bomb looks like Porky Pig coming out out of the Looney Toons Logo

Reference for all the norsemen and ladies on this site.

#29 Posted by supermonkey122 (1053 posts) -

Do not want.

#30 Posted by mooncake (169 posts) -

Woo! That was a tough crowd in here before! Eye-opening, and quite educational: never experienced such negative backlash before. It was much needed if I am to become a designer (game and/or otherwise).

But thanks for all the constructive feedback given! I will say that the bottom "italics" font was put there just for fun. I liked how it looked like a logo for an old time radio show, or a vintage car. But yeah, not really what I was going for, so the top two were the actual "redesign".

Also, I think everybody is right in saying that it doesn't fit the tone of the site. As I said before, it was never meant to be aligned with the tone and atmosphere of the site, but more about modernizing the look (especially if you guys have seen the new design of the website, which may I say, looks stunning!)

I thought I was done with this fun exercise, but all this good feedback has inspired me to try something more bombastic (whilst trying to modernize).

@Teddie said:

This thread inspired me to make two things:

and this.

Agreeing with everyone saying "modernizing" the logo doesn't suit the character of the site. I still hate the way the bomb looks in the original logo though.

In some ways, your modern version actually succeeds more than mine. (It is definitely way more minimalistic).

Anyway, thought you'd all want to know, the "O" was actually supposed to be the "explosion" from the bomb. It doesn't make sense logically, as a bomb can't exist after its exploded, but I thought artistically it looked interesting. Hence the gradient of colours coming out from the bomb, the spark that has reached its end, and his sort of happy face that he's exploded (Remembering that Jeff said the bomb on the logo was supposed to be happy it was exploding). All in all, it was supposed to represent a post-era of Giant Bomb, moving into a new era.

#31 Posted by 1337W422102 (1183 posts) -

I'm not feeling it, duder.  I don't find it reflects the spirit of the Giant Bomb in its cleanliness, if that makes any sense.

#32 Posted by CrystaljDesign (165 posts) -
#33 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Kill it with fire!

#34 Posted by WilliamHenry (1257 posts) -

Its okay, but it needs a lot of work. Your font choice is poor. They're all modern style fonts, but they all feel so bland. Nothing wrong with crisp, clean type, but the type you have is just so boring. There are tons of modern style fonts out there. Try some better ones that don't look so generic. There is virtually no contrast in the actual bomb logo either. If you shrunk it down it would lose all of its details. Putting texture on the bomb while leaving the text clean is awkward. Either have texture over the entire logo, or don't use texture at all.

#35 Posted by stinky (1564 posts) -

me too.

#36 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -
#37 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Don't temper with things that can explode.

#38 Posted by geirr (2938 posts) -

I hope this is a joke. (:

#39 Posted by The_Nubster (2594 posts) -

It needs more silliness. The current bomb looks fucking pumped as fuck to be a bomb, man. Look at that motherfucker! He probably loves blowing up! If there were to be a new logo, I wouldn't be against it being clean or modern, but some element of wackiness needs to be kept in there.

#40 Edited by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

The actual bomb looks weeeird

#41 Posted by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

I want a redesign, I effin despise the current logo

It looks like death

#42 Posted by laserbolts (5482 posts) -

A redesign wouldn't hurt but those are pretty bad.

#43 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

Hmm. Might have a go.

#44 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

I can see what you were going for but I'm not a fan.

#45 Posted by Kidavenger (3942 posts) -

I think the current logo is great, makes me think of Inspector Gadget for some reason.

#46 Posted by Peanut (964 posts) -

The current logo looks pretty shitty just because the Bomb looks...dumb. I never bought any of the original GB merch because I think it's lame as fuck. I would even prefer if the bomb had no face at all.

#47 Posted by wrecks (2446 posts) -

Good effort, fits in with the way current corporate logo design is heading (see Microsoft) but I actually love the current design. It matches the inherent goofiness of the bomb crew where a modern, minimal aesthetic would not at all.

#48 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

Looks good but I don't think there's anything wrong with the current logo.

#49 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

@MattyFTM said:

@mooncake: I think your new logo is cool. Minimalistic and clean, which is where modern logo designs are going. Something along those lines would probably fit the new site perfectly.

I think it looks gash to be honest. The logo is undefined and messy and you can barely tell what it is.

#50 Posted by stinky (1564 posts) -

someone mentioned you picked an inappropriate font, its not true. that seldom ever is.

think your choice was fine. but i also think you could have stuck to your guns and done a bit more with simplicity in terms of bomb use.

using your design, clearing away some clutter and avoiding pink, i wouldn't be ashamed of what you had.

your bomb mouth doesn't overlap an eyeball (pro tip: they never do) so i think you have one up on the original artist.