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If there is already a thread for this I've missed it, but I'd like to propose a thread that links to the Giant Bomb staffs appearances, interviews etc on other sites, I know Jeff said he was going to be on The bonus round with Geoff Keighley on GameTrailers later in the week and Will interviewed Brad, Patrick and Jeff via Google Glass on Tested yesterday. I don't know if they'll be appearing in other videos than these two but thought it'd be nice to have them all in one place.

E3 2013

Pre E3

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Don't have a link for any of them, but at least Brad and Ryan have been on the Idle Thumbs podcast recently, and I hear tell in the taverns to the south that Patrick was on one a while back.

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Looks like this is the first and only examples of this topic so you are fine.

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@mikular: I've found the link to ryan on it post xbox unveiling. and added it to the list.

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Brad and Patrick on Tested with the bonus of YOU BEING IN THE MIND OF WILL SMITH

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Archive of Jeff on game trailer earlier today?

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Gametreailers' Bonus Round was kind of annoying - seemed like Jason Rubin sort of dominated the discussion, and his points typically boiled down to: "things look bad, but they could totally change, so that means things are ok!" He was certainly diplomatic about it, but by the end it felt like he watched a different press conference than I did.

That, and his comment about money "leaking out" of the "closed loop" that "should" exist between gamers and publishers really ground my gears, but that might just be me.

Jeff was certainly entertaining, the few times they let him talk. Thanks for the link :)

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Patrick crashed Kotaku's SM3DW hands-on, during which time he shouted a lot about cats and divekicking.


That was fantastic.


I was going to call out that post. I guess it would be weird for someone not familiar with the Bombcrew, heck Patrick was honestly a bit wild even as a longtime listener, but given the general discourse over there, I think it's fine this guy isn't a poster here.

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Idle Thumbs!

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@huser: Quintuple post much?

Thanks for the heads up. I think I was posting during a hiccup on the site.