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@gpbmike said:
" @President_Barackbar
I never understood the "tech savvy people use Chrome" argument. What exactly does it do differently and why does that let me have a better browsing experience? I always tend to go with one browser until it starts pissing me off. I used IE up to IE 8. When it stopped working, I switched to Firefox. Firefox does everything I need a browser to do.
Interesting that you switche at IE8. That version is way way better than previous versions. "
It really wasn't because I didn't like it or anything, it literally just stopped working one day and I ditched it.
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@xMP44x said:
" @JJWeatherman said:
" @xMP44x: Yeah, I've known about Chromium. As far as I know though, Canary Build is actually relatively stable while Chromium isn't. I wouldn't use it. "
I've never actually had any problems with Chromium when I use it. Plus, the recolored version of the Chrome logo just looks good. "
I have to use Chromium on Ubuntu and the only problem it gives me is sometimes things that are flash based will start to flicker like crazy. It's fine on Firefox but a crap shoot on Chromium.
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I switched to Chrome because FF 3.6.13 broke Grooveshark pretty handily, but it runs fine in Chrome. 
At work my boss, who's in charge of systems (as in all the computer maintenance, servers, etc.) said to use IE for the proprietary software that doesn't run, and Firefox for literally everything else, because it's safer. 
We do get occasional virus problems, and they usually burn an afternoon's worth of time, at least for the computer, because it requires running a full SEP scan of everything.

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I use still use Firefox because I can't get used to tabs above the url bar. I like them closer to the action. It just feels weird to always be going to the upper edge of the screen in Chrome.

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I really ought to start visiting these sites on Lynx, just to be an outlier.

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Probably because people who visit Tested are smarter about their browser choices. 

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It's all about the Chrome baby, though I understand why some people still stick around with Firefox. Change is hard. 
Heck, I made a new friend a few weeks back who still used Internet Explorer... I wasn't going to have none of that. 
That issue is now taken care of.

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I use Internet Explorer on my laptop/home computer. I've never tried Chrome, but I use Firefox all the time (all the computers at my school are running Linux, and I also have Linux installed my laptop), and honestly I don't see any difference between the 2 besides button layout. Why exactly do people hate IE? 
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By layout engine:  

 Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb 
Webkit (Chrome, Safari, Rockmelt) - 42.8% 
Gecko (Firefox, Mozilla) - 39.71% 
Trident (Internet Explorer) - 14.39% 
Presto (Opera, Opera Mini, NetFront Browser) - 2.88%   
Other (Unaccounted for) - 0.22% 

Webkit (Chrome, Safari, Rockmelt) - 54.41% 
Gecko (Firefox, Mozilla) - 31.89%
Trident (Internet Explorer) - 11.19%
Presto (Opera, Opera Mini, NetFront Browser) - 2.37% 
Other (Unaccounted for) - 0.14%
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Not surprising.   
Chrome and Safari are aesthetically minimalistic and very nice to look at. 
Firefox and Internet Explore have tons of bars, functions, brackets, and shit for you to use - but it clogs up the screen.  

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i did use chrome but it started suffering from slowdowns a bit, so now i use a chrome skin/plugin for firefox. 
and all was well with the world.

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I'm using firefox.. but wish I hadn't started exploring the add-ons. It was going fine until I downloaded a few add-ons at a time, (instead of downloading 1 at a time) before restarting my laptop.  It crashed my other computer :(

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@Azteck actually mozialla is also what appears for browsers using the firefox engine. it could be a custom browser based on the latest firefox source code