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It's that time of year again duders! Time to vote which means that we'll be bombarded with silly, slanderous campaign ads. I've noticed a couple of Giant Bomb parody ads and I'll post them here. This is mostly a thread to inspire more hilarious political campaign ads. Hopefully some of you duders out there will get inspired by seeing these videos and make your own ad. I'd love to have a full set for every Giant Bomb staff member. How about a Dave one? That guy needs more recognition! Anywho, enjoy these ad videos! Post on here if you notice any more and I'll add them here!

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@jakob187 said:


Great things can come of this.

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These are amazing.

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My user name is RecSpec and I approve of these messages.

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I'm voting for Ryan Davis this election, but man...that Ron Graphite is a scumbag:

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You guys find any other attack ads featuring the GB crew?

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I've been waiting for this since the podcast. You did not disappoint sir.

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Better yet why not make some! I'll add'em to the main thread!

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Also please DM or contact me here if you were the one responsible for making either of these videos. I'd love to give credit where it's due.

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#TeamBeard all the way. Brad is the man we can trust to properly run this website. Ryan has flip flopped back and forth on his policies so much it's sickening.

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No Jeff Gerstmann sun slingshot?

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@ShadowConqueror said:

No Jeff Gerstmann sun slingshot?

Gimmie a link and I'll add it!

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@ZombiePie: Gets me every time when the pencil falls off Ryan's ear and someone in the background fucking loses it (either Jeff or Vinny, hard to tell)

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These are amazing, can we get a Jeff for President because of his slingshot? Or damaging commercial against Justin McElroy for being on the Time Belt?