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I want to spread some Christmas cheer and get one of my classmates a month long membership. I introduced him to the site a couple months back and he has really taken to it well so I wanted to send him deeper down the rabbit hole. Quick question though...do gifted memberships renew on your credit card automatically or is re-subscription the responsibility of the giftee (re-subscribing on his credit card of course). Also thinking about doing a random giveaway at some point during the break so I just want to make sure I know what i'm getting into. Thanks a bunch duders. Have Batman

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Good question, I've wondered about this myself. I would assume it's a one time debit. WM is usually smart about this stuff.

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Feel free to gift me and i'll tell you in a year. In all seriousness though i believe i have read that gifts do not renew.

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I quite confident that gifted subs are a one time thing.

When you buy a gifted membership you get an email with a code. Give the code to whom ever and they add it on their account.

Think of it as buying a WoW Subscription Card for someone.

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@chocolaterhinovampire: There are no monthly sub gifts... I gifted someone a membership, there's only the 50$ yearly one.
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Damn..thanks anyway guys

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I just noticed that little gift icon on the right of some people. That's neat.