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Giantbomb staff has talked about the difficulty of funding the site sufficiently and that they see popup and full page background advertising as undesirable.

I however do not mind any of this. If Giantbomb were to use the above methods to display adverts, I would welcome this.

If adverts were displayed in relation to each user’s preferences, I believe few people would object to this.

Giantbomb could make a simple questionnaire which asks each user what three activities most interest them. If the interests match with the type of adverts Giantbomb does not mind displaying – a full page background advert would be displayed maybe along with a popup video advert every four or five minutes.

At present I am using Hotspot Shield and this manages to insert adverts into Giantbomb pages intrusively.

Few sites display adverts well but it is possible if sites take users’ preferences into account.

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I really like not having adverts on the website, it gives the page a very professional and clean look that appeals to users without being distracting or ugly. I find their subscription solution to be a reasonable way of funding the site that is preferable for most to visible adverts, though I personally am not a subscriber.

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If you really want to help. Sub to the site.

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There is already more than enough content.

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Bleh ads. I pay for the site for a reason... Ads can go burn in hell.

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Or you can pay a subscription for the site if you want to help.

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Don't care how, I want it now.

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In my ideal system – the people who would see adverts on Giantbomb are those who make no payments to Giantbomb. Therefore Giantbomb would look exactly the same as it does now when a paid-up subscriber login.

Adverts would be displayed to those who pay nothing and the adverts displayed would be determined on an individual basis. Meaning each basic member would see adverts based on stated preferences. Bespoke advertising.

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I think you'd see a steep increase in Adblock users if they implemented this.

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Pop up videos would really put off new users, and I would guess the majority of people who use Giant Bomb don't even have accounts so bespoke advertising would not really work for most people, so why spend the effort. Also how would choosing advertising even work, would ads from companies in areas which are not chosen often just not get shown, which would really piss them off; or would they be turning away ads if they are unpopular, which is a really bad idea.

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You seem to think that more ads means more money which means more content.

I think the reality is more time would mean more content. I don't think they can produce that much more content with the current size of the team no matter how much money they have and Dave has written a lengthy post detailing why hiring a new staff member is not as simple as it seems.

You can read the post here.

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Advertisements would cheapen the look of this sexy new site. We can't have that.

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@plipo: Minus the personalised bit thats exactly how it works now.

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Ad blocker, if you really like a website buy a T shirt or subscribe to the giant bomb dot com

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While ads aren't the ideal solution, at the same time hiding certain content behind pay walls also doesn't benefit potential new users. I simply can't imagine a lot of people that come from other game websites, pretty much none of which have a similar paid subscription model for viewing actual content, would be swayed to start spending money here. On the other hand if they were just ads and everyone had access to everything GiantBomb had to offer I'd see more people willing to stay and stick around. I'd rather the guys come up with interesting bonuses for paying members akin to the gold medals we have on forums except on a larger scale - and at the same time open up all content to the general public. Awareness is key, and I think it's hard for potential new members to know what they're missing when they don't have a chance to even see some of it.

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Nut up and subscribe.

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@humanity: they could do what used to happen with the Happy Hour and make one Unprofessional Friday a month be free for everyone.