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What's the best way to get driving again after time off? I passed my driving test abouit 5 years ago, and haven't had to drive since then. I got it out of the way, but I could walk to work as easy and did that.

Now I have a job starting in 3 weeks that I need to drive to, so I bought a car and I need to practice and get my head back into things.

Can anyone give me basic advice as to a general "Things to remember" type thing, for someone who's a bit nervous about getting back on the road again? I'm in the UK if that affects anything.

Thanks dudes

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If you already know how to drive I don't think there are any tips. I went through something similar and I was a bit nervous at first but after a while you naturally ease up. There wasn't anything I can remember that contributed to me getting over the initial "fear" of being out on the road again. Possibly take the car out on a weekend when there isn't a ton of traffic and drive around. Although for me the most nerve wracking part of getting back into driving was rush hour and being in bumper-to-bumper traffic, surrounded by nervous people. There wasn't any trick for that, you just learn to stop worrying and ignore people riding your bumper or whatever.

EDIT: One thing that I never did get back was my parallel parking prowess. After passing my driving exam I knew some weird trick and was able to parallel park like a pro, whereas this skill has now completely evaporated into the ether.

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Well this sounds silly but here goes:

When driving do not freak out , nervouse persons make bad drivers , just be calm and anaitical while driving , dont get pissed off because most likely you are just shouting to no one , the wont hear you. But never forget ..... dont trust other drivers at all , something are common sense but expect the people in front of you not doing that , as not using the signals for turning etc , so try to keep around 2-3 car´s length of distance from the people in front of you , when possible , so you can break in time etc.

You dont need to speed off , if you get out on time. You are driving a car , not texting or using your smartphone at all. Every 5-10 seconds check your mirrors to see who is behind you and doing what. If there is a maniac behind you desperate to pass you etc , let him go through as soon as possible ... so you can laugh it off when he/she crashes.

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GO real fast and turn to the left

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oh god. just dont kill anyone

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Don't fuck it up.

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Find the biggest car you can. And drive 130miles on be busiest highway/motorway you can. Once you have made peace with the fact you are going to kill yourself (or someone else) you will be surprised how well it focuses the mind.

It worked for me anyway. Like you I had a job that needed me to drive (they provided the car) but I had to go pick up the car and drive home. After not driving for about three years it was an interesting journey.

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Red means stop, yellow means slow down and green means go.

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I made it back and didn't die or crash or anything. Ooh yeah

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DO NOT USE YOUR FEET, I found out to my surprise that feet are not as good as hands.

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I made it back and didn't die or crash or anything. Ooh yeah

Don't do coke while driving. That much is obvious.

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I made it back and didn't die or crash or anything. Ooh yeah

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1. Go to an empty parking lot

2. Spin donuts

3. ????

4. Profit

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Pedal to the metal.

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take it easy and dont be an asshole on the road.

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Until you get used to it, go easy on the acceleration and take wide turns. I don't know what type of car you're driving but even if it is a small compact take wide turns at first until you get used to the size of your car. Are you driving a manual or automatic?

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@clonedzero said:

take it easy and dont be an asshole on the road.

Especially since the roads are already clogged with assholes. Don't add to the nationwide epidemic.

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The only way to get better at driving is to drive a whole hell of a lot for a long time. Most people tend to be total idiots in cars until they've had something like five years of experience driving.

Anyways, uh, don't be a dick to pedestrians. That's important!

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Practice is the only real way.

During off-hours (if you can) drive around the areas you might need to go to get used to the area. Know where the one way streets are, and which intersections have different turning lanes. Also good to note any crosswalks you pass frequently.

Other than that, just take it slow at first, and get used to your car's braking and acceleration etc.

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@fallen189: Always check both ways when going through an intersection. This means even when you have the light or the right-of-way. People run lights and stop signs all the time and it is up to you at that point not to get t-boned. Stay safe!

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You gotta hit the big-ass ramp!

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I think yellow means speed up.

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The best tip I've ever heard is also really simple:

Be aware of your own state of mind while driving. It's ok to be angry, depressed, shouting, listening to music, thinking about something, or whatever while you're driving, but just by being aware that it's happening, and you'll pretty naturally realize you should be paying more attention.

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Look where you want to go, your hands will steer the car for you.

Don't forget to shouldercheck!

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The way I learned was starting out in an big empty parking lot, then to suburban streets, then the highway, finally urban driving. It took me a while before I felt comfortable driving in Chicago. Practicing on weekend mornings helps because you can go slow without holding up traffic.

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"Aim the rocket launcher at your enemies' feet." and "Follow the racing line."

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Get low in the seat, lean in towards the center. Keep lefty draped over top of wheel. Spend most of your time texting an shit.

Just going off of what I see others doing.