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I am currently trying to think of good gaming website names to replace my current one thereviewcast.com. I would like for it to deal more with the indie gaming scene. Possibly have an out if I want to the occasional movie review. If you find this difficult now you know how I feel.

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whats a viewcast?

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Giant Bomb

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hipsterreviews.org (because .com is so mainstream)

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A "reviewcast" is a podcast I started in November 2008 and died in May 2009. Now that I'm actually trying to get some where I think it is time for change.

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Something like a name for a website or podcast should come from yourself not some random person's idea. You want your content to match the first impression(the name) which you can't do when you have a website name you didn't create.

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rock, shotgun, scissors

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Minature explosive. 
Joking aside, think of something that indie development is associated with and run with that. (like the size of the development team, where the games are generally developed, budgets, and also what platforms you are looking at).
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A podcast about love

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Giant Bomb

He wins. Someone close this thread.
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giantbomb.com is a good name for a gaming website...

Kidding aside, I don't know about names but I do have a bit of a suggestion about your website. If you intend for random people on the internet to use your site, give it a bit more focus. Dedicating it mostly to indie games and then throwing in an occasional movie review is a sure fire way to alienate any potential userbase by being too random and unfocused. Try to focus on one thing and find somewhere else to post anything that doesn't fit that theme. On the other hand, if it's just a random site that is somewhere for you to post shit you write that you and maybe your friends are going to read, then the focus doesn't really matter. Although if that's the case, the name shouldn't really matter either.

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oh wait.................

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Full play is a synonym to freedom, which is commonly associated with indie developers, and you have the freedom to do the occasional movie review.

It also sounds like it has something to do with games considering it has play in the name, full play even!

That's my expert opinion.

PS: I'm not really an expert... Not at this anyway.

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How about Indieviews.com. Damnit the word view, review, and casts are my crutch when it comes to making names. 
Thank you Jazzy Cola, MattyFTM for giving me a serious opinion. Also, thank you everyone else for the comedy gold.

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@NeverDave said:



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Lobthtuh Monthtuh