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So, I don't understand why Apple continues to really not want people to use the default music app to listen to podcasts. Like 6 months ago, I tried the Apple podcast app because I wanted to stream a podcast I hadn't had a chance to go home and get off of iTunes, and then the podcast app A) has a stupid UI and I sorta didn't like how it organized things, and B) I seem to recall it removed podcasts from the music app because it assumed I wouldn't want to use it for that anymore (incorrect). I uninstalled it pretty shortly after, because the default music app seemed better.

But now with iOS 7, it just won't let the music app access your podcasts, for some godforsaken reason. Why does Apple hate just offering one app for all your "playing audio" needs?

So how do you iOS duders listen to podcasts now?

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Use the official Apple one. It works just fine. Get used to it, I would suggest.

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I use Downcast. It lets you subscribe to podcasts on the fly, keeps you updated on the newest episode, and let's you stream them if you don't want to download. Seriously recommended.

Also, don't listen to Gregg, the official app is dogshit.

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The official app isn't very good. I also use downcast, it's great. only $1 or $2 as well, iirc.

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Apple's official podcast app is absolute crap. The damn thing is buggy. I still can't it get it set up to delete premium GB videos even though I have all podcasts set up to delete videos/podcasts automatically.

Unfortunately Apple won't allow any podcast app to sync with iTunes. So the shitty official podcast app is the only real solution if you intend to have podcasts synced across all your devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, and PC).

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FUCK the mobile site is bad, had to tap the reply box 30 times to get it to open the damn keyboard.

Anyway, @Andorski, I recommend using the Giant Bomb Video Buddy for watching premium videos, it lets you stream them onto your phone using the member boxee code.

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@aronman789: That's what I use when I'm at home or on any Wi-Fi network. It's an excellent app. Unfortunately it doesn't let you stream over 3G and I usually listen to podcasts when I'm out of the house.

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It's perhaps a bit of an antiquated way of doing things but, I just download new episodes of podcasts I listen to to my PC, move them to to my device, and use the music app to listen.

I only listen to like 4 podcasts though, it may not be worth the trouble if you have a lot.

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I've been using RSSRadio and it's been working fine with me.

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For the rest of us on Android, check out BeyondPod.

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I really like Instacast.

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I use the "official" Apple one but I was not a fan of the splitting of audio into Music and Podcasts.

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I used to use Instacast but then I switched to Downcast and never looked back.

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I use the official one. I have never had an issue with it.

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I also use the official Apple podcast app. When I know the Bombcast is out I launch the app, refresh, download the cast and hit play. Works fine for me but then again I'm not looking for anything more fancy.

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I use Downcast as has been recommended by many. It runs a bit sluggish in iOS7 but still very passable. It allows subscriptions through RSS, something I could never get the Apple podcast app to do, so you can get the premium feeds. It also doesn't have any of that skeuomorphic crap that Apple had in their design, not sure if its been "flattened" in the new OS but when I last had it downloaded I hated it.

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Nothing is ever going to touch itunes as a vehicle for podcasts, so just use apples official app. It's one of the biggest loses I faced when moving to android (on that note, anyone know of any decent android podcast apps? Most of them seem pretty bad).

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Downcast is what I use, I always found the official podcast app to be a buggy mess.

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I have major problems with the official app, and I never thought of searching for a different one. That's my brain in the works I guess.. Seems Downcast is the way to go here. The official app on my Touch is awful. Crashes every time I try to press download.

I hate it. I hate it so bad.

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The official app is such ass but I've just gotten used to it. I will have to check out Downcast based on these suggestions.

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RSSRadio is free and works well for me.

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I use Instacast. I had looked into it and Downcast a while back and picked Instacast - can't remember why. I haven't had many issues with it to make me switch. There have been a few times where Jeff tweets that the bombcast is up and it takes half the day for it to appear on Instacast.

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