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Well, I'm finally giving up on Screened. I was hoping it would just keep going but I guess I was only there for Alex and Rorie.

So! What's another good site for getting" light" movie news and trailers? I'm not a hardcore movie consumer so no need for in-depth analysis, I basically just want to know what's coming up and maybe a review or two.

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With the death of Screened, AV Club is my go-to nowadays. It's still not the same though. :(

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@Milkman said:

With the death of Screened, AV Club is my go-to nowadays. It's still not the same though. :(

Cool, I'll give that a go. Thanks!

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This thread makes me sad. :<

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I don't acctually go to the site, but I have /Film (slashfilm.com) on my rss feed. The run a pretty good podcast too.

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Man.....Screened is dead, isn't it? Nothing but dull write-ups ever happen anymore by faceless staff that I haven't even seen or heard of before.

Ever since its death, I really haven't gone to anything, but people swear by the AV club so there might be a bastion of hope there.

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I really miss screened.

@Zaccheus said:

This thread makes me sad. :<

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To be fair Screened was never really a good site for movies. It was way understaffed and could not give a proper coverage of the movie scene.

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Aside from Screened, the only other places I tended to go was Rue Morgue Magazine/Website & Arrow in the Head for most news/reviews of what I watch.

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That reminds me, I need to go download all the video features on Screened. I have this strange fear they're going to randomly disappear one day.

Also, I second the AV Club for your movie/tv/music information. There's a good depth and breadth of old and new stuff, some pretty funny and/or interesting articles, and their comments section tends to go for jokes over endless, endless arguments.

If you can stand a mild-to-moderate amount of pretension and a reviews section that tends toward the short and flippant, I would recommend it.

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I have to say I really enjoy Jeremy Jahns's reviews on youtube. He doesn't do every movie that comes out and sticks with major popular movies. He also does the occasional game review. Not everyone seems to like him, but his comedic nature and honesty is something I enjoy.

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Damn, I was going to post screened.com and then a trollface but you sure shot that one in the foot, huh. 
Anyway, yeah, I noticed this too. I'm not a huge film guy but with Screened I at least knew when big movies were coming out and whether they were generally good or bad. As it stands now I don't think I could even tell you a movie that has come out in the last two months.

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www.empireonline.com is pretty good for movie news and they run some excellent features on new releases currently going through a 20 day dark knight celebration building up to the 20th and as a previous poster mentioned Mark Kermode's film podcast is fantastic and he clearly is truly passionate about film.

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...man, it sucks about Screened. That was such a good site.

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Rotten Tomatoes is my go-to for all that shit.

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Rotten Tomatoes has been mine since 2002.

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Screened is terrible always was. Spill.com is the true king of movie reviews and podcasts, some of the funniest guys to have a podcast.

Here is a fantastic audio review of the movie Lockout, someone almost got killed during this review.

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I'd just like to put it out there, Litrock, one of the current writers for Screened, started out as a user on the site. He'd been putting out 100% quality stuff on the forums and in his blogs back since the beginning of the site. His wordpress is  http://nonamemovieblog.wordpress.com/ , he posts his usual writeups of classic films there and also links to his reviews that he puts up on Screened. 
In my opinion, while the rest of screened certainly has fallen off, Litrock, as well as Andrew Godoski (another writer for the site) is one of the best things the site has going and deserves to have the tremendous amount of work he's done noticed. I've seriously learned so much about film from reading his blog posts. 
Of course, he doesn't cover much in terms of recent news, so you won't be going there for that. I just wanted to give him a shout out. Seriously he's awesome.

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@Everyones_A_Critic said:

Rotten Tomatoes is my go-to for all that shit.

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screened.com do lengthy audio review podcasts and can be pretty funny

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Spill.com! Great short video reviews and longer audio reviews. Also has some good podcasts and "quick look" like video game stuff. Check it out.