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Not sure if you guys have seen it yet, but Google introduced "Bacon Number". Basically it plays Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for you. Damn you Google and your crazy features.

Everything I tried was landing with only 2 degrees. I have been screwing around with it for like a half hour.

Just search "bacon number *ActorName*"

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I got 3 with James Dean.
edit: 3 with Tony Jaa again. This thing is fun.
edit2: Fuck this, you know you're going to a bad place when you start doing porn star names just to get higher than 3 AND IT DOESN'T WORK.

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I've been messing with it since yesterday. It's addicting.

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Anyone got more than 3?

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Nanook from Nanook of the North (1922) can't have a Bacon Number.

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William Rufus Shafter, at 7. I cheated, but there ya have it.

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Apparently the biggest recorded is 8

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I found one that doesn't even work. Richard Carlson, one of the stars of Creature From the Black Lagoon. No number comes up. I win.

Another one! Don Calfa(the mortician in Return of the Living Dead) has no bacon number. This shit is broken. No one snubs Don Calfa.

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Well this is awesome.