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So I got a job offer and have am having a really hard time deciding on wither to take it or not. On paper it beats the job I currently have now because of the benefits it comes with. (I currently am part time manager with no benefits but I'm working full time hours at my retail job. the money isn't that much more than I'm making now and I really like the people I work with and feel like if I leave I'd be screwing them over as I'm friends with just about everyone at all three stores in the area. I know that isn't the best way to look at it, but I for some reason can't help but think about it like that. The new job is an inventory clerk position with a telecommunications company where I would work by myself and see my boss every couple of weeks and have at least a weekly phone call with him as he is based out of the home office which is several hours away. I'm really nervous about it as I've never done anything like that before. Its on the job training and its by myself all the time but I don't think they will just throw me in to it without having someone show me the ropes first. So I look to you community to help me make my decision. Its my decision and mine alone and this is probably a terrible idea to take this to the internet but here we are.

Here is a link to the list of benefits that I would be eligible for if I accepted.


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If you currently have no benefits, take the new job. I know it sucks to leave behind people that you like working with, but you really can't allow that to force your hand here.

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^ yep

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It's great that you are thinking of your current coworkers, but you have to look out for yourself first.

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I'd get out of retail.

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Take the job with benefits, just make sure to put in your two weeks cause it sounds like you built a lot of connections with the job you have now. Never know how that will pay dividends in the future. Sometimes in life you just got to take a leap of faith, trust you made the right decision and hope for the best. Good luck duder.

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If it feels right for you (in terms of career/potential to rise in ranks) and theres enough validation in the benefits/pay increase department then you should definitely take the new role. If you play it right the people you're working with will still be friends with you.

Another question is are you able to happily work by yourself? judging by your previous job there is a lot of interaction with other people whereas from what I can read you're simply doing your own thing with the new job (I work pretty much by myself and can cope quite easily with podcasts constantly playing in my ears)

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Definitely get out of retail and the service industry if possible. That being said, depending on how lenient your employer is, you could try going on an unpaid leave of absence for personal reasons for a couple of months while you try out the new job. If it doesn't work out for you, just go back to your old position.

Of course, that's assuming they will allow you to take an LOA without it being medically related, but it's worth a shot. Oh and I guess it goes without saying, but if you did try this then you would have to make absolutely sure not to tell ANYONE at your current job about it, not even your friends or those that you think you can trust to keep their mouths shut...because, they won't.

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Take the new job and do your best to stay in contact with your buddies at the old one. The best things in life require a bit of a risk but they are well worth it. You can be social outside of your job if you crave more face-to-face interaction at the new one.

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Also, maybe talk to them about it? It sounds like some of them are friends. But if you explain why you'd be leaving, they would understand and would likely encourage you to take action.

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@jnal: take the new job. Those people you're friends with wont pay your bills if something happens. If they're real friends they won't hold it against you. Never be scared to advance up the chain or even move sideways as it always unlocks more doors down the road.

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Coworkers can be great but they won't fix your spleen.

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You may be shocked to find how well things continue on without you once you leave. So many people overestimate their importance and impact at a job. Don't worry about it. Your friends will understand. Make sure you turn in advanced notice and handle it professionally. People will remember and respect that.

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I was in a similar position about a year ago; wasn't too happy with the job, but was close to some coworkers. I had an opportunity to go elsewhere in a lateral move, but decided not to since it was easier to stay put and I didn't want to leave my clients with unfinished work.

A few months ago that job that I stayed for let me go due to answering a phone call slightly late while I was on vacation. Needless-to-say, it put me in a bad position given it was unexpected and I have a house and family to support. It was a terrible experience trying to arrange for unemployment, interviews, and social services all while racing against the mortgage payment clock.

Thankfully, I was able to find a new position within a month that was closer to home and paid 25% more. However, I learned that when it comes to a job, you have to look out for yourself and make moves when you have the leverage and can plan for it. Most companies won't exhibit courtesy when it comes to job termination, so the only you should pay in kind is a 2-weeks notice. Like tourgen said, companies will find a way to operate without you, and better you leave on your terms than they leaving you in financial dire straits.

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Figured I'd post an update wither it was necessary or not. I ended up taking the job and start Oct 7th. I kind of compromised and told my old job about what was going on and I'm going to still work for them occasionally on the weekends when needed. I wanted to say thanks to the people on here for giving their advice on the situation. My only hope now is that I can do well at the new job.

@optix12: I actually don't mind working on my own. The worst part of my current job is that I can never get any of the major work done because we aren't allowed to do it with customers in the store and I can have some days with people in the store for 4 or 5 hours straight or not have anyone there for an 1 or 2 at all depending on the day. The new job being by myself I feel is going to work in my favor.

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Get out of retail as soon as you can. There's nowhere to go in retail, no advancement and no benefits. I would take the other job in a heartbeat, but that's just me, I like working alone. A job where you're alone all day with no one to ever bother you is a good job.