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My first ticket for anything actually.  I was going 10 over the limit, I see a cop make a U-Turn and got pulled over.  I understand I was speeding and accept it.  But here's the part that pisses me off.  I parked my car on the side of the street and turned off my ignition.  I then took off my belt to get my wallet out and to get my registration out of my glove box.  Bad idea.  The officer tells me that I was speeding and then tells me I'm not wearing my seatbelt.  I thought I was going to lose it, but I just told him why I took it off and that I was wearing it before I parked.  He goes back to his car, comes back and hands me my ticket for both speeding and not wearing a seat belt and that was it. 

Now I'm not sure what to do.  I have no problem paying the fine for the speeding - I know I was wrong for that - but I'm sure as hell going to fight the 'no seatbelt' part.  I heard about the driving class thing that will remove any points for first time offenders, but that's another fee.  Anyone here ever fought a ticket and won (for something you know you didn't do)?  Ever go through this driving class?

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Ouch. That sucks. Yeah man, never take off your seatbelt if you get pulled over. Just stay in your car as you are.

You could definitely go and get the seatbelt thing either removed or at least a lessened fine.

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Bad move removing your seat belt, but you had no way of knowing you would be faulted for it.

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I've done traffic school about 4 times over the years. It sucks and there is no way around the online traffic school if that's an option for you. Sitting in a classroom with some douchebag who thinks he's funny for 8 hours on a Saturday is about as much fun as banging your head into a brick wall.

Just go to traffic court and tell the judge what happened. Admit to the speeding but tell him about the seatbelt part, and he will probably take it off. Then plead your case and ask for a fine reduction because you're broke or a student or whatever, I've had great success with this as well. The judge or traffic commissioner will ask you if you want traffic school if you're eligible, and if you are you will get instructions on how to do it along with a list of eligible schools.

It's not really a big deal.

You say the cop was going the opposite direction, but then made a U-turn to pull you over. How exactly did he measure your speed, with radar or was he just guessing? You could always try and fight it, but if you really were speeding then it probably isn't worth even trying.

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That's rough man. Always wait for the officers instructions in the future; I know you meant well, but there isn't really any way for you to prove you had the seat belt on the whole time.

I'm sure a judge would lessen the seat belt fine though, since you said this is your first offense and all. I've actually had a friend who fought a speeding ticket in court and won, but since you admitted to speeding, I'd say just pay the fine and move on without causing any further damage. As for traffic school, I have no advice to give. I haven't gotten any tickets yet *knock on wood* but what from MB said it sounds like pure hell.

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Definitely fight the seat belt claim.  Maybe the dash cam shows you wearing it.  I'm sure cops get bullshit excuses all the time so they can't be expected to believe you without proof.  All he knows is that he didn't see one.

I've been pulled over once and got a ticket, but it wasn't a moving violation.  I just mailed the money and moved on.

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Good for you! Defying the man puts hair on your chest!

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@Origina1Penguin said:
Maybe the dash cam shows you wearing it.
Dash cam? You make it sound like there's going to be this huge Law & Order style trial. He just needs to tell the traffic commissioner the truth, and he will more than likely go "Yeah whatever...ok the seatbelt thing is gone, here is your fine for the speeding, do you want traffic school or not?" He sees thousands of these cases a week, and they take about 30 seconds to handle in court.
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@MB: lol, ok.  Never had to show up to one, but yeah I realize they try handle them as quickly as possible.
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This is why you should never speed hack, cuz sooner or later the admins are gonna getcha.

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@MB said:
@Origina1Penguin said:
Maybe the dash cam shows you wearing it.
Dash cam? You make it sound like there's going to be this huge Law & Order style trial. He just needs to tell the traffic commissioner the truth, and he will more than likely go "Yeah whatever...ok the seatbelt thing is gone, here is your fine for the speeding, do you want traffic school or not?" He sees thousands of these cases a week, and they take about 30 seconds to handle in court. "
I almost shit my pants when I was pulled over on the freeway going 90.....then I shit myself for real when the ticket came and it said I must go to court. I got all spiffy looking, suited up and all.....I honestly thought it was going to be some major stuff. Well fuck me, he asked if I did in fact go that fast, I said yes....then he told me I owed $160. I was there no more then 20 minutes, which included waiting for my name to be called.

I wish you would have told be how routine this stuff was a couple years ago MB! What the hell man?

Being an over dramatic pussy for the loss! Yay me!

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Oh man that does suck.  :( At least now you have more experience....?

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i was told to never do anything when you get pulled over unless the officer asks you to, that happens to a lot of people according to my po po friend.

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Evil Pigs! lol j/k... but not really. I haven't had a ticket yet and I hope not to get one. That sucks though. Lesson #1: Never take off your seatbelt.
Somebody did that and the same thing happened. He explained, but this time he got off with a warning.

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Yeah, I was pretty rattled when I got the seat belt ticket.  But I will mention the dash cam and tell them to look and see that I did have my belt on.  Hopefully they realize I wouldn't ask them to look at that if I thought I was guilty and just drop the ticket on the spot.  My main worry is the points, but the fine sucks too.

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@LeoMinor: Dash cams rarely seem to catch anything in favor of the people...they are always "malfunctioning." Good luck though, it won't hurt to mention it like you said.
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When you get pulled over, its a good idea to keep your hands on the wheel and your seat belt on until the officer instructs otherwise. Good luck man.

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What an asshole. I've never gotten a cop like that. I was going 102 in a 70 when I got my first speeding ticket. I was very polite to the cop(I called him sir, acted very respectful and apologetic), and he lowered it to 99 in a 70. In Alabama, 30 over is wreckless driving which is a really hard hit on your driving record and insurance, so when he lowered it to 29 over, it allowed it to just be a speeding ticket. I took it to court, and the judge was an asshole though. The judge said if I continued to challenge it, he would make it wreckless driving, so I just payed the ticket. It's been 3 years now, and my insurance company still hasn't picked up the ticket, so if I can just wait 6 more months, my insurance rates will have never gone up from it.

The second time I got pulled over, I had beer in my car(and I had drank about 3 beers so I was probably slightly above the legal limit for a 19 year old, 0.02% BAC). There was an open beer in my car that my friend had been drinking before I had just dropped him off, and I tossed it under the seat when I saw the lights go on(open containers are the worst thing you want them to find). I was very polite and respectful to this cop too. The cop saw about 10 unopened beers in the back seat, and told me he could give me an MIP. I promised him that they weren't mine(even though they were). He was really cool and told me to pour the beer out on the side of the road. He said he could tell I wasn't intoxicated so he didn't breathalize me. I walked away from that with a $20 ticket for having an expired tag, which I got erased since I had the new tag at home.

The moral of the story: treat cops with the respect they deserve, and they will be a lot more understanding and courteous to you.
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@LeoMinor: Sorry for the double post, I forgot to give the OP advise on what to do.

I don't know about the laws in your state, but in Alabama, if it's a minor speeding ticket, you are allowed to do driving school one time if you go to court and ask for driving school. Doing this will completely erase the ticket from your driving record, and your insurance rates won't go up. It wasn't an option for me, because mine was 1 MPH away from wreckless driving, and the judge was an asshole. But since you were only 10 over the limit, you can definitely do driving school. It's a 6 hour class, but it will save you hundreds(maybe thousands) on insurance, because speeding tickets make insurance rates go up really high, especially for males under 25 years old.
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I got my first ticket for going 10 miles over the speed limit while I was driving to work. I have not got one since then. Its a bummer that you got a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt, just remember to keep it on the next time if there is one. 

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To all ya'll traffic people handing out tickets...

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Check out 14:00 might cheer you up a bit.

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I'v been lucky over the years, one ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign a few years back, but i'v somehow managed to avoid a speeding ticket. Honestly, id say pay the fine and just learn from it, its his word against yours if you try and fight it and more often then not they take the side of the cops. (or driving school to avoid the fine if thats a option)

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My first speeding ticket was 100+ in a 55, Cop looked at my record and only gave me 25 over so I wouldn't get a $1000 ticket.

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Gotta go fast.

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I'm really concerned about the next time I get pulled over cause my drivers window doesn't roll down.

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