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So I ordered my GiantBomb 2013 members T-shirt on Friday morning. Just show up this afternoon. Just wanted to say thank you to the GiantBomb crew for getting that shirt shipped so fast! Awesome job duders!

Anybody else have a similar experience getting their stuff sent to them?

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Took about a week for my hoodie to get to Toronto, which is exceptionally fast for USPS to Canada, and the quality of the merch is amazing. I'm totally impressed too.

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Mine take about a week and a half to get to me here in the UK. I think. Can't remember. S'all good.

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I need a hoodie

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My Vinn Co. shirt took 3 weeks to show up, but it was so worth it. Just need that hoodie now.

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Mine take about a week and a half to get to me here in the UK. I think. Can't remember. S'all good.

Very jealous...I really really really want a Hardcore Dave shirt but they only have XXXLarge

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@crimedog said:

I need a hoodie

ditto. Thinking about using the $15 store coupon code I got for a yearly renewal towards a hoodie. Leaning towards the throwback design. Which one would you get?

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Just keep in mind our current hoodies are pretty big pullovers. I still need to get cracking on that zippered hoodie; they're a bit thinner and less bulky.

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@nightriff: Heh, half of those shirts are too big for me to really wear! I get them just to have them. I am looking at framing the larger size ones though!

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@rorie: Now that you guys are back from break, any time frame of shirts or this hoodie that I would love to own?

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@nightriff: A new member's shirt is just around the corner; the new hoodie will be a while. Just need to figure out the logo we want to use.

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Do you have to go through this site to get a GB T Shirt? I wouldn't mind getting one.

I like the name Giant Bomb. Sounds hostile.