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Let's say, at this instant, a masked assassin broke into your room (or wherever you happen to be using your computer).  Grab the item to the right of you - how well can you defend yourself?
An empty Snapple bottle could be of dubious help, assuming it didn't break.

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I could wield my laptop charger and use it as a flail.

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I have a screwdriver on my right, so I could use it to stab them in the eyes or the neck.

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that assassin doesn't stand a chance against my NHL 2003 case! 

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I've got these industrial scissors. It's like a Katana in mini-form.

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.. my iPod? I'm sure there's an app for it somewhere.

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My shade-less lamp would make a decent bludgeon, though my first reaction would probably be to chuck my cellphone at him, which is the closest to my right at the moment.

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My printer! HI-YAH!

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I have a choice. I have a large glass though, which could easily be smashed off my desk to put that bitch.... on ice :P

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You mean my crown? I don't think a cell-phone with the Reaper's number on it could be as helpful as that.

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My stainless steel pen is going right through his throat.

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I don't think Tracy would like that. Plus it's not very chivalrous.

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I would smash his face in with this Winnie the Pooh mug.

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I have a rachet set to the right of me filled with lots of bits. It weighs a few pounds. I'd throw it at em.

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I have my beds blanket..__. Well,I guess I'm fucked.

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I'd use this phone to call the police. Then I'd put my secret ninja training to use until the cops show up.

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Peavey Bandit 112 guitar amp. I'm fucked.

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A midwives dictionary?! Fuck...

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Uhm, I have a subway sandwhich in my right hand, uuh, taste the power of the marinara and mayonaise!

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@Lemoncookie01: Slumber party? I've got my blankets too lol.
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Empty space!!!

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Calculator. I'll divide by zero and the assassin will be sucked into the resulting black hole.

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I got a fork and I'll stab him in the nuts.
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A couch!  
I'll drop it one someone as if it were a piano!   

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My DS stylus!  
I'd poke it in his eye! Then he'd kill me!

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These swedish equivalents of q-tips will be the last thing my enemy sees before I stab him in the face and neck!

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A copy of Into the Wild, I will teach assassin the frailty of life and the importance of self discovery. Then he'll probably stab me.

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A pen and car keys. 
I guess I'll hold him while I gouge his eyeballs out. I have no idea how I'm going to explain this to the authorities.

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Also there's actually a rifle to the right of me, but I think the spoon would be better.

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A fork. Would work!

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I have an iPod Touch and an empty Diet Coke can next to me, both of which are sitting upon a coffee table. Which to use?

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don't know what I  would do with a USB flash drive

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Dwight Schrute.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

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I'd garrote him with my mouse cord.  I owe my life to the decision not to go wireless!

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It'd be kind of tough to take someone out with an empty water bottle, but I think I could manage.

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Eat ipod speakers bitch!

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@HitmanAgent47 said:

I have a screwdriver on my right, so I could use it to stab them in the eyes or the neck.

Like uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh ?
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Boot knife and mouse pad.

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@Lemoncookie01 said:
" I have my beds blanket..__. Well,I guess I'm fucked. "
Me too :(
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Blue tac.... well I guess im fucked aren't i? 

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My computer chair has some weight to it so I'd throw that at him. After that I'd open my computer tool drawer and pull out a screwdriver for some eye gouging.

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I guess I could strangle him with this T-shirt...

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I prefer this game as the zombie apocalypse starting. Ether way I only have a bunch of pillows, my mouse and my mouse pad.

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The keyboard of the computer next to me in the computer lab...
Unplug it from the back for an easy flail.

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I keep a cricket bat and a nice metal pipe beside my bed for exactly this occasion. I have both for variety.

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Theres only a wall to the right of me...I mean, yeah, If I could pick up the wall I'd be a force to be reckoned with, I guess.

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i have a choice of my computer case, my kobo e-reader or a pen. im going for the pen to the eyes and/or throat.