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Hi guys, I'm doing a big senior year paper and my topic is how businesses interact with and make use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It has to be an American and or British corporation and since I'm not either of those I don't follow that many American/British business, so my question to you is:

What American/British corporation has best made use of social media?

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Isn't the Xbox customer support twitter some kind of award winning service, as easy as it would be for me to be snarky about it truth be told they have always helped me fairly quickly with any problems that have arose in the years since they have been going, everything from account locked to game availability.

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@buft: Well, that's a specific devision of Xbox though. I'm more talking about the whole company on Twitter or Facebook.

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When Toyota sent messages that purported to be from a fugitive who was on their way to the recipient's address. (Toyota Motor Sales USA commissioned the campaign.)

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This is actually my job, I manage social media for some national British pub and restaurant chains. If you have any questions I might be able to answer send me a PM.

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When THQ gave me a free Steam game, Metro 2033, for clicking a dumb like button then unclicking it once I got the code. Honestly, I have never seen it done well in any capacity. I hate using those services and only have them because of situations like the above mentioned when they force you to go to these dumb sites to get preorder DLC, or in game items like EA did with Dragon Age or like Gearbox did with Borderlands 2 and those golden keys.

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@matti00: Oh wow, I definitely will duder!

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@Bobstar cool, I'll keep an eye out.
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I thought Rock Band Blitz using Facebook as a place for leaderboards and friend challenges was a decent idea. The idea of high scores and time trials needs social integration to be remotely relevant.