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#1 Posted by MiamiRedHawks (928 posts) -

I'm getting married in a few months, and need to come up with some ideas for gifts for my groomsmen. My venue is at an old gallery called "The Arcade", so video game gifts could be appropriate as long as they aren't tacky. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I got a stein from a buddy of mine I still use it. It had our initials on each one so they were pretty cool. We all drink though.

#4 Posted by MiamiRedHawks (928 posts) -

We all drink quite a bit as well, so steins could work.

#5 Posted by BisonHero (8565 posts) -

This sounds like a question for MBMBaM. I'm actually sort of reading this question in Justin McElroy's voice.

On a very related note, I've been listening to far too much MBMBaM recently.

I want to give you advice, but off the top of my head, I have no idea what kind of budget you have for this. Can you only afford to get them a small, inexpensive memento, or can you buy Vitas for all of your groomsmen, Oprah-style? Inquiring minds need to know.

#6 Posted by mustachioeugene (550 posts) -

When I was bestman for my buddy's wedding he gave me a watch and matching cufflinks, and all the groomsmen got the same cufflinks.

When I was a groomsman another time we all got beersteins and mini kegs.

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#8 Posted by MiamiRedHawks (928 posts) -

@BisonHero: I don't think I'll be able to go Oprah style. I'm not really looking to spend more than $100.00.

#9 Posted by Mesklinite (858 posts) -

cufflinks related to video games.

#10 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -
@JasonR86 said:



I was also going to post this.
#11 Posted by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

I recommend you download the harmonix PAX east podcast, in addition to telling awesome stories and having on great guests such as Gerstmann and Jeff Green they talk to Justin McElroy for a pretty long time. It's amazing.
#12 Posted by Grillbar (1977 posts) -

blow-up sheep

#13 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Ties? Knives? Pretty much anything from this website would make a good gift.

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@ShadowConqueror said:


That's so early 2000s. It's all about that realtouch. (nsfw btw.)

#15 Posted by eskimo (496 posts) -

Little bottles of awesome spirits.

#16 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Hooker in cake?

#17 Posted by MiamiRedHawks (928 posts) -

@Red: This site is awesome. I'm bound to find something on here. Thanks man.

#18 Posted by GloriousDinosaur (461 posts) -

@Mesklinite said:

cufflinks related to video games.

This. My bro got married last year. Al of us groomsmen were given cufflinks that related to our personalities. I got the best ones (I think) which were miniature reproductions of the smash bros 64 cartridge

#19 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7030 posts) -

Engraved flasks are pretty classy.

#20 Posted by ma_rc_01 (382 posts) -

Toasters, I thought this was obvious

#21 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

...fuck, you mean I have to give those cunts something at mine?

Fuck hell, as though this wasn't expensive enough!

(I kid, I kid)

#22 Posted by Burzmali (456 posts) -

I gave out glass beer mugs with the groomsmen's names engraved on them. I also got that same thing when I was in another friend's wedding, and I still use it. Flasks are good, too. When I got the mugs for my groomsmen they were $18 each, including the engraving, and I think I probably overpaid since it was at a kiosk in the mall.

Pocket knives are a good choice, too. They're useful and probably fit in your budget.

#23 Posted by alanharper (2 posts) -

@mustachioeugene: Right on, can never go wrong with a pair of cool cuffs, right? I got myself a pair of these for my brother's wedding:

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engraved flasks or is someone has a drinking problem, pocket watches. either can be acquired and engraved pretty cheap.

#27 Posted by l4wd0g (2231 posts) -

I gave my groomsmen an engraved lighter and a Cohiba Black Cigar. it was about $35 a groomsman.

I guess the question is, are they expecting gifts?

#28 Posted by Fattony12000 (7969 posts) -

A thousand damned souls.

In a nice bottle.

#29 Edited by crithon (3549 posts) -

cigars and fine bottle of scotch is that I got from my sister's husband.

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A thousand damned souls.

In a nice bottle.

The gods frown upon such soul scrimpers. Better make it ten thousand.

#31 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1112 posts) -

Hatsune Miku body pillow. Engraved.

#32 Posted by Fattony12000 (7969 posts) -

@fattony12000 said:

A thousand damned souls.

In a nice bottle.

The gods frown upon such soul scrimpers. Better make it ten thousand.

Blood for the blood god.

Skulls for the brass throne.

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I got a flamberge (made in India) from my Brother in Law. All the groomsmen got swords. Mine matches my sister's rapier (which took forever to clear customs from Pakistan).

#35 Edited by JadeGL (1073 posts) -

What my husband did doesn't really fit the video game theme, he ended up buying nice, leather wallets for the guys. I ended up buying fancy candy from a local confection shop as a supplement to the gifts and then I wrapped everything up in nice themed bags for the groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

I would look for something really nice locally or maybe even on Etsy. Engraved items are nice, as previously mentioned. Cufflinks are cool but I don't know if you're looking for more symbolic gifts or actual practical gifts.

I did a quick search on Etsy under "video game wedding" and came up with this, but there's only one from the seller unfortunately. There are other things too that fit the theme just from looking over the results, but like I said, it depends on what you want to go for. But, I would always recommend candy as a supplement. It went over so well with our friends. There were Maine blueberry dark chocolate bars and ones with bacon, and since our wedding was at the beginning of October, I also had gummy pumpkins. It worked out really well.

#36 Edited by Tesla (2020 posts) -

Get them wet shaving kits: brush, double edge razor, blade sample pack, soap/cream, mug. Put it all in wooden box. Note that to do this right (decent equipment) you'll probably have to pay 50-75 per person if not a little more.

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Guys, this thread was bumped by a spam bot/account and was made 2 years ago, pretty sure they guy went through with the whole wedding thing already.

#38 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (3809 posts) -

This will sound weird, but I would go manly with this, not go geeky or funny. (Hey Tesla and I agree!!)

Get each man a classic shaving kit from Classic Shaving (CS). They have something called the: "YOUR CHOICE" BEGINNER'S BASIC DOUBLE-EDGE SAFETY RAZOR COMPLETE SET. ($74 to $89 depending on choices)

Included in this set is everything you need to start shaving right out of the box.

- a quality, non-aggressive double edge safety razor in "your choice" of either Black or Chrome,

- "your choice" of Ivory or Black Classic Brand Super Badger Shaving Brush,

- "your choice" of traditional shaving mug in three colors,

- "your choice" of razor blades (Good: Lord. Better: Astra. Best: Feather), and your choice of shaving soap in a wide assortment of scents.

You can get straight razors too (super manly), but those are VERY expensive sets.

#39 Posted by preheatedbibby (53 posts) -

@tesla said:

Get them wet shaving kits: brush, double edge razor, blade sample pack, soap/cream, mug. Put it all in wooden box. Note that to do this right (decent equipment) you'll probably have to pay 50-75 per person if not a little more.

This is what I did. Got 4 kits from http://www.maggardrazors.com/product/budget-starter-kit/ and put them in a cigar box I got from Etsy. Not quite video game related, but still a good gift I think. Congrats OP.

#40 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

I got my groomsman tickets to a Philadelphia Eagles game. It was like a sequel to my bachelor party.

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Is it customary for groomsman to receive gifts? I'm about to be one.

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I was my best friends best man and he got all groomsmen custom made pens.

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#44 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3809 posts) -

Is it customary for groomsman to receive gifts? I'm about to be one.

Yes, it is customary, but depends on your friend really. My brother in law gave me...err a knife...or a handshake. My friend from high school have me a case of assorted craft beers. My other friends have not made me a groomsman (yet)...which is fine because being in a wedding party is expensive.

#45 Posted by OldManLight (1086 posts) -

i got married at 21 and was not aware of many of the common practices of getting married such as buying groomsmen gifts. Luckily, i had a best friend as my best man and A groomsmen in the form of my brother in law. Both of them remain close friends today. Come to think of it, i've never received a groomsmen gift for any of the weddings i was in so there's that...

#47 Edited by Blackout62 (1520 posts) -

Swiss Army Knives. They're more formal than your normal mutitool and just as good, and you can't argue that they aren't useful gifts for any sort of man. Go expensive, get ones with all the fixings and their names engraved.

#48 Posted by Getz (3444 posts) -

Pocket watches.

#49 Posted by nerdsbeware (270 posts) -

I got mine mono-graphed whiskey glasses with their initials, glass beer mugs and whiskey stones. For my brother (my best man) I got him a pocket watch along with the same stuff.

From my friends, some groomsmen gifts I have gotten are a flask/Zippo combo with my initials and a really nice knife (pearl handle, nice wood finish).

#50 Posted by wjb (1764 posts) -

Engraved flasks are pretty classy.

I have two different engraved flasks from weddings. Not a bad choice.

Even if people don't drink, it's something to put on the shelf with other home decorations.