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Stealth we gotta get Rorie to review or watch this movie thread. Given his disdain for the original we gotta make it happen........

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I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

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"We don't know."

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Because the first one made 270 million.

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Because when you can get idiots to pay you to hang out with your buddies on vacation and hire disproportionately attractive women to play your spouses, you do it. No question about it.

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Kids fucking love that first one.

edit: Side note: My niece and nephew saw an old vhs copy of Happy Gilmore. They couldn't quite place Adam Sandler. I said his name. My niece said something along the lines of "Oh the guy from grown ups!"

Also they didn't know what a vhs tape was.

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Because the first one made money and the second one will as well.

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I saw the first one, it was a abortion.

Also made

Because the first one made 270 million.

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Because Adam Sandler sold his soul to the devil.

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Dolla' dolla' bills y'all

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Adam Sandler has to keep David Spade working or he'll get bored and go on a murder spree.

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Because God isn't real.

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Of the people in it, the only one I'd not vote off the island is Chris Rock. Sandler hasn't been funny since the mid 1990s, Spade is just a creepy little leech, that fat guy is only known because of the hot chick on that tv show.

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Because f*ck you, that's why.

- Hollywood

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Adam Sandler is still a huge box office draw (I don't know why) and he has a lot of friends who would love to go on vacation and spend about 10% of it filming another garbage movie.

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I feel @rorie needs to weigh in on this.

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Every time Adam Sandler makes a great/interesting movie, he loses money. Every time he makes a bad/uninteresting movie, he gets major dollars. So: Grown Ups 2.

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Welcome to Obama's Hollywood.

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That first movie was groundbreaking cinema because it was two hours of in-jokes with no context at all.

It needs a Blu-Ray re-release under the name 'Tagging Along To A Party Simulator'

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Probably cuz money.

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Eh, the first one was okay.