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#101 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1689 posts) -
@Y2Ken said:

@OneKillWonder_: I definitely see the Max Payne, great face, but it could also be a pretty decent Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper.

Haha, you know I was thinking that after I had gotten myself all together. All I needed was his blunderbuss.
#102 Posted by TheHBK (5458 posts) -

Dressing up as the Terminator.

#103 Posted by TheLark (143 posts) -


#104 Posted by zolloz89 (248 posts) -

Nathan Drake. Pics to come as the costume isn't ready!

#105 Posted by Breadfan (6589 posts) -

I went as hipster Waldo.

#106 Posted by McGrittles (92 posts) -

Probably soothing from Hotline Miami I have a horse mask that looks like Don Juan so I be kicking down doors all night.

#107 Posted by Th3_James (2576 posts) -

I went to a party Saturday and as a last minute costume I decided to wear a suit, beard, turban, and have a plastic AK47 slung around my shoulder. Wasn't the greatest, but it worked in a pinch. I lost the turban, beard and my shoes after I decided to take a nap around 1am after too much alcohol consumption. After taking a cab and crashing on a couch I realized I had stolen someone elses slippers instead of wearing my shoes home. I wear size 15 shoes and the slippers I stole were probably size 9-10. I drove back to the hosts house and retrieved my shoes the next morning. Felt pretty bad about stealing slippers that weren't mine.

First time I have ever lost an article of clothing like that.

Halloween is so much more enjoyable now than it was when I was younger. Next year I will actually make an effort with my costume.

#108 Posted by _Zombie_ (1462 posts) -

Don't have any.

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@Mahonay said:

From the company Halloween party last night.

My buddy Tye is an oil man from There Will Be Blood, and I'm Ryan Gosling from Drive. Which would have been way cooler of my god damn driver's jacket delivered on time, but whatever.

why didn't you go as winding-refn? i mean, seriously.

#110 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

@Canteu said:

@SpicyRichter: I didn't miss your point. I was simply making a comedic observation as to the juxtaposition of your words. But apparently every mother fucker on this site thinks I'm 100% serious about everything at all times.

Jokes are tough, especially when the entire audience thinks they're better than you :)

Your sarcasm/joking manner was missed, so the "audience" essentially thinks you're a jackass, not that they're better than you.

Anyway, my costume ideas are short notice, because this weekend I found out I'm not going to Knotts Scary Farm (where you can't dress-up), and instead am going to wander around a neighborhood with some chums. My initial idea was

since I have a fairly spot-on goatee/moustache/beard combo going on, but my hair is rather long, and I'm not sure I want to deal with a bald cap. My other idea was Dexter: just shave my beard off and grab the "kill outfit".

Had I been more prepared and thought of it sooner, I'd really like to go as the Vault Dweller from the first Fallout. I will probably go with the Dexter idea and buy a big prop knife and syringe.

#111 Posted by Canteu (2821 posts) -

@Ulain said:

@Canteu said:

Jokes are tough, especially when the entire audience thinks they're better than you :)

Thanks for reinforcing my point. Appreciate it.

#112 Posted by senor_delicious (40 posts) -
Halloween Time
#113 Posted by Kidavenger (3485 posts) -
@laserbolts said:
Walter White. Easy and awesome.
I would just dump the entire bowl of candy in this kid's bag.
#114 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (1914 posts) -

Went to a costume party last Saturday, which is the only time I'll go in one, with my girlfriend and she was trying to find a 'couple' costume we could do.

Naturally, we both thought Harry Potter. It was only funny because she's a fair bit taller than me (about 4 inches) and went as Ron, and I went as Hermione. It was funny for a little bit, and then I got real tired of the stockings. Luckily I went sans-wig, because I'm not that fucking insane.

#115 Posted by Elazul (1327 posts) -

@Sweep said:

Didn't have time to throw together anything decent so just grabbed my creepy horse mask and ran out into the night.

Just swap that coat out for a bloodied letterman jacket, grab a bent pipe and you're good.

#116 Posted by Sparklykiss (1934 posts) -

This is from my friend's Halloween party last weekend.

I was going to be Psy, but the suit jacket didn't get in on time. Instead I opted for a ringmaster. Sister was going to be Slenderman, but dude already had a much better one. So last minute Quail-Man it is!

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#117 Posted by Mysterion (159 posts) -

Plaxico burress

#118 Posted by johncallahan (541 posts) -

I was going to be Raoul Duke from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," but my Halloween costume got held up on the east coast due to the hurricane. So I (like many I'm sure) went with Walter White from Breaking Bad. Put together this morning so not too bad.

#119 Posted by artgarcrunkle (970 posts) -

Did anyone quote one of those "Durrr I'm an adult" posts and mention this is a website about videogames? The manchild doth protest too much.

#120 Posted by AiurFlux (901 posts) -

Christian Bale from American Psycho when he has the clear Raincoat on over a suit and an axe. Pulled it off pretty well too. It was post kill so there was blood on me and the coat.

I need to return some videotapes.

#121 Posted by JasonR86 (9578 posts) -

@Turtlebird95 said:

@laserbolts said:
Walter White. Easy and awesome.

Fucking incredible. That's the coolest kid.

#122 Posted by Rising_ixa (44 posts) -


#123 Posted by Dalai (6978 posts) -

I couldn't get the costume in time, but I was going to go as a slutty Brad Shoemaker.

#124 Posted by Video_Game_King (35797 posts) -

I tried to go as a cheap Blues Brothers knock-off, but apparently went as "Heisenberg". Whatever that means.

#125 Posted by Irvandus (2774 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

I tried to go as a cheap Blues Brothers knock-off, but apparently went as "Heisenberg". Whatever that means.

See Walter White posted above.

#126 Posted by Video_Game_King (35797 posts) -

@Irvandus said:

@Video_Game_King said:

I tried to go as a cheap Blues Brothers knock-off, but apparently went as "Heisenberg". Whatever that means.

See Walter White posted above.

Suddenly, things make much more sense. I just hope Breaking Bad's around next year, so I can know what I'm lazily shuffling around as.

#127 Posted by jakob187 (21640 posts) -

I took this candid picture of after he finished that bottle.

#128 Posted by Kyreo (4600 posts) -

@OneKillWonder_ said:

Went as Max Payne to my brother's party last night.

Fucking Brilliant!

#129 Posted by Fear_the_Booboo (384 posts) -

I was a lobster this year...

#130 Posted by UltimAXE (365 posts) -

I had to work, and I work at a job where I'd be crazy to dress up, so I didn't, but if I had then I would have busted out my sweet-ass Lobo costume.

#131 Posted by h0lgr (908 posts) -

Tony fuckin' Montana.  
All I need is a suit, a late 70's shirt, a gold chain and a gold watch. 
And some powder on my nose. 

#132 Posted by SomeJerk (3130 posts) -

I'm going as pre-beardcut Devin Townsend, by the time night is over I'll have turned into current day Jordan Rudess.

#133 Posted by tunaburn (1879 posts) -

I was a dick

#134 Posted by Rufshod (15 posts) -

@OneKillWonder_ said:

Went as Max Payne to my brother's party last night.

This is amazing.

#135 Posted by Phished0ne (2475 posts) -

I ran around the party i went to going "HYAH HYAH HYAH HYAH HYAH HYAH HYAH HYAH!". I wish i had more time to do the sword better, but it was made in a week.

#136 Posted by FoolishChaos (428 posts) -

@OneKillWonder_ said:

Went as Max Payne to my brother's party last night.

Not a bad Jimmy McNulty either

#137 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

My costume made the front page. Awesome.

#138 Posted by Butano (1728 posts) -

Scrooge McDuck.

#139 Posted by keyspacer (7 posts) -


I celebrate Halloween all October working for Halloween Horror Nights each year. This is the costume I did for one of the wrap parties that happen after the event is over.

#140 Posted by Svenzon (711 posts) -

I hosted this year's party and dressed up as Captain Haddock of Tintin fame, while my girlfriend went as Alice in Wonderland. Quite pleased with how it all turned out, especially since it kinda came together at the last minute.

#141 Posted by ManiacalMech (59 posts) -

I went as Viewtiful Joe in his normal attire. Also, I did this for Comic Con as well, but I think I the red spikes came out better for Halloween.

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Laziness and a stroke of genius combine!