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Oh snap


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Hey, if it actually is your birthday, I hope you have a great one with the friends and family.

Enjoy your signed Jurassic Park script you clever Klepek you.

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Is that the blog guy?

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A positive thread about Patrick? Well I never...

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Happy birthday indeed! Live long and prosper (wasn't meant to be a reference, just came to mind for some reason.)

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Happy birthday, Scoops.

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Happy Birthday Patrick! Have a good one!

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Happy B-day P-man! GG!

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hooray, you can finally drink now!

jk I love you tricky <3

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Happy birthday Danica!

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Happy birthday Patrick!

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Happy birthday Patrick!

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Kleptok's reign continues!

Happy birfday, holmes.

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Happy Birthday Patrick Klep..... Kelplectick....... no wait......... Kleptic? :P Have an excellent B Day bro. :) Now let's all have a dance party like these fine dancers.

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Happy birthday Scoopz man!,

may not agree with some of your views, but ill always respect you just for the fact that you do listen to the community

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Happy Birthday, Kleptok!

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Happy birthday Patrick!

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@LeroyBankins said:



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Happy birthday, Scoops!

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Maaan not ANOTHER Patrick thr.... oh.

Happy Birthday Patrick!

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Happy birthday, Patrick "Trick(y) Hot 'Scoops' Scoops Kleptok" Klepek!

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Live long and Kleptok.

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Happy Birthday Scoops!

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Happy Birthday Duder! Hope you have a good one!

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Happy Birthday duder! and play some fire emblem. I just got another beast stone today!

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Happy birthday.

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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday Patrick!

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Happy Birthday Scoops! the office better give you the day off, don't spend it all playing Fire Emblem!

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@patrickklepek Happy Birthday!

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Happy Burfday dude

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Birthday. Please do not waste this opportunity to drink more than you really should.

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Happy birthday Phat Stacks Tricky!  (I couldnt even think of anything remotely creative)  Have a good one!

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Haha. We both share the same name and our birthdays are five days apart. Coincidence!? I think not. Happy Birthday Patrick (#2)

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Happy awesome birthday!

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I used to hate my middle name, which is Patrick, but now I think it's kind of cool; all because of you. So, Happy Birthday!

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Here's my birthday present to you Patrick, I hope you like it:

Click To Enjoy The Magic Again and Again
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Happy birthday Patrick!

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@LiquidS said:

A positive thread about Patrick? Well I never...

At the end of the day, we still love the guy. Happy birthday duder.

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Happy birthday Scoops. You make this site a better place.

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Will Patrick have the exclusive birthday scoops on his own birthday?

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Happy birthday, Tricky P - get hunked!

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Hope your birthday was a great one!

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All hail Kleptok! A thousand years more!

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Happy birthday, Patrick. You stay beautiful.

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Happy birthday, Patrick!