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November is home to both Premature Awareness and Diabetes month. (And I'm pretty sure my English said it's "Write a Novel Month" as well.) I'm not saying that these aren't serious issues, of course they are, but do you really need a month dedicated to them? This goes for just about everything that has a month dedicated. I don't know, it just seems silly to me. What you do guys think?

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I'm diabetic, so obviously I'm biased.  It would have helped me greatly during the time before my diagnosis if the symptoms and whatever were repeatedly mentioned in various places.  So... I agree with it really.

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What you need, is a month dedicated to moustaches. Which November is. Diabetes and premature awareness can find some other period of time to increase this socalled awareness.
There's only room for one. NOVEMBER IS TAKEN.

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I'm too busy growing an awesome beard for prostate cancer while writing a novel and wearing breast cancer awareness brooches to handle diabetes and premature awareness this November. 
Check back January.

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I am a type 1 diabetes, it is silly, they don't need to remind me that I am stuck with a shitty disease. Although, I get a insulin pump next week :)