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Happy happy new year to all my fellow giantbombers! Any new years resolutions? :)

#2 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1271 posts) -

I stopped making new year's resolutions a long time ago.

#3 Posted by Slate (20 posts) -

Happy New Year everyone, and yes one. 
To not make one.....wait.....DAMNIT!!! 

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happy new year from europe, and my new years resolution is the same as every year. Not To Die.

if you want a actual resolution, how about finish more games.

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Happy New Years duders!

And no. What's the point? I'll just forget it the next day.

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Happy New Year everyone. Hope you have a fantastic 2013.

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We already have a new years thread over here. Please check before you create a new thread.