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So I got my copy of Injustice today and throughout the week been playing Mortal Kombat just to prep myself for the games release. Noticed when comparing the two cases that Mortal Kombat was a 3D compatible game on the front while Injustice has no sign or logo on the front for it. Has the 3D tv support from games and blu-ray dvds pretty much disappeared from the market?

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No clue, I don't have a 3D TV so it's not a huge deal for me. In fact I think 3D is a pretty terrible gimmick for any medium. It's awful in movies adding in really awkward cheap "axe flying at the screen" shots for no reason, and just really cheapens the direction style since it forces such choices on it.

Game-wise? Well I've never actually played a 3D game to be honest, but I'm not sad to see it go.

Perhaps I'm biased since I need to wear glasses and wearing any sort of 3D glasses over my own is awkward and super uncomfortable, not to mention distracting as fuck. Business-wise I can't imagine the install base of 3D TV's is all that high, so abandoning it seems like a smart move from a developer point of view.

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Its slowly been dying out. Movies still feature it, that new GI Joe movie was delayed a year just to implement it, but it's starting to die out.

I don't mind, 3D Movies always had this flickering effect to me that was too distracting. It also only ever looked really good in animated movies

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I hope so; 3D was a stupid fad that was seemingly shoehorned into anything and everything.

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It will be interesting to see whether Sony is still pushing it when the PS4 comes around. I don't think it would hurt since given the power of the new system they should be able to deliver 3D at 1080p on at least some of the early titles.

It's still supported on PC titles through Nvidia and AMD as far as i know.

Movies just never really got their shit together unfortunately. I don't see why 3D movies would be phased off blu rays if the movie was released in the cinema in 3D. I can't see it being that difficult or expensive to include it on the disc, but i might be underestimating the simplicity of manufacturing a bluray (i'm pretty sure its not that fucking hard though). I don't see why they need to cost anymore for any good reason also.

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Yeah, I think it's going to be the same with Occulus Rift, in the end people don't want to have to wear something extra just to watch a movie or play a game. Maybe when 100% passive 3D, with no big viewangle problems, comes around it will be hot again.

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It seems like 3D movies are still getting 3D blu-ray releases, but it does indeed look like there are significantly fewer games being released that feature 3D support. A good example: I'm pretty sure God of War Ascension was initially said to have 3D support, but that feature didn't wind up in the final release.

Crytek still had 3D support in all versions of Crysis 3, before that the last 3D game I'd played was Assassin's Creed 3, I think. Loved being at the helm of a ship in 3D, it looked incredible. Personally I hope we still see it show up in games here and there, I'm hoping ACIV will support 3D in particular.

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3D unlike HD hasn't become as common because it hasn't been adopted widely and it hasn't been as adopted widely because a very small number of people has 3D capable tv's/monitors and Blu Ray players. So when 3D is standard without the premium, It could be really cool

Because I think 3D is only beginning to show It's potential and It will be some time before directors and game developers learn to use it in a worthwile way. The 3D figh scnes in the hobbit looked great in 3D and everything I've heard about Hugo and Life of Pi made it sound like those films were quite the experience in 3Dw. And with the ps4 most likely capable of displaying 1080p at 60fps, 3D at 30fps per eye would be very possible and more engaging then the current experience.

The Rift could possibly make for a greater increase of the quality of 3D in videogames. Because it's an almost perfect 3D experience personally tailored to your eyes.

In the end every movie should be 3D for the basic price and customers could pick between 3D and non 3D glasses (like the ones Will and Norm of Tested fame made).

-- in the end what I'm saying is 3D is potentially great when It adds to the experience. But they need to make that experience more accesible.

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Yeah, 3D doesn't add enough to the experience and is too much hassle. Right now it's not worth the extra price and glasses, etc. As a fundamental concept I have no issue with it, but with glasses, fuzziness, dimness, small viewing angle, headaches, etc, it's not going to be widely supported.

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Gosh, I hope so. I've never seen a thing so universally rejected by practically everybody who isn't a film or video game company.