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I remember seeing a rerun of the first season or two way back in the early 2000s. I saw maybe totally 10-15 different episodes, and as I recall I enjoyed them all.

However, I was just around 11-12 years old back then. Sure enough, I had great taste back then as well, but maybe time has taken its toll on the series? Or is it a timesless classic such as Star Wars Episode 4-6 and this music album? Is it still worth yours and my time? I am mainly asking as I saw the whole series plus the movies being sold for what roughly translates into around 65 American dollars.

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I think it is still good. Just watched the whole series again a couple of years ago. Even though people will complain about the later seasons and the story line does kind of fall apart, it is actually okay if you binge watch it.

If you already have Netflix streaming, you could watch the whole series there.

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Hell yeah they do, just don't forget to stop watching after season 6

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I think the show still holds up. You have to accept that cars were ugly and cell phones were used for talking then but the stories are still solid and the best X-Files episodes could still give any show a run for their money.

If you're interested it's on Netflix. The whole thing. I'd start with the first three seasons and if you're hooked keep watching until the end of six. After that it goes downhill in a big way.

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I bought the whole damned thing in a discounted French DVD boxset a couple of years back, and yes, it's still awesome... at least for like 7 or so seasons. The last couple of seasons without Mulder, well, I've only gotten two episodes into season 8 or 9 and haven't touched the boxset since.

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I think about the only thing that doesn't hold up is Gillian Anderson's wardrobe. Those pant suits...yikes. Otherwise, totally watchable. I watched the entire run a couple of years ago. It was awesome until they really jumped the shark around Season 6, and of course I didn't bother watching anything after Robert Patrick showed up. He's a fine actor but the show was over for me at that point.

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so I popped in "drive" the episode with bryan cranston and you know what, yes it most certainly does hold up well.

But alot of it reminds me of that era, poitic conspiracy, the waco texas fbi raid that went all wrong, there's a bit of cynicism in what is just a "Monster of the week" show.

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@crithon: I think even though it essentially is a monster of the week show, what really kept me interested was the overall aliens story arc. I think next time I may just make a list of the arc episodes only and watch those straight through, skipping the self-contained shows.

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I am convinced and will thus buy the boxset. Thank you all for your input!

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but i am glad that the series ended on such a high note with 5 seasons and that damn great movie, confusing as it was. there was that lost episode "Drive" too, but i'm just happy they didn't drag it out for too long.


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Hell yeah they do, just don't forget to stop watching after season 6

Hey! X-Cops is in season 7. I can see why you shouldn't watch after season 7 but you should follow it at least until Mulder disappears.

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I watched the entire series one episode a day this year. The first 3 seasons are still brilliant, especially the first one. 4-5-6 are still good but for the love of all that is holy do not watch the abomination that are seasons 7-8-9.

Most people say seasons 8 and 9 are the worst because Mulder is gone for most of them but i seriously think the worst is by far season 7. The show was going absolutely no where at that point with both main actors just lazily going through the motions with no passion anymore. What happened in seasons 8 and 9 wasn't good sure but at least something was happening. Doggett wasn't the worst character they could have come up with, in fact i like him and with him a new dynamic was introduced in the show. Not great but not as painful as season 7 was.

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Some day I'm actually going to get around to watching this show. I skipped it in its heyday, but I did watch Home a couple years ago and loved it. I know Home isn't representative of the series as a whole, but it would be a crime to ignore a series with the balls to make that episode.

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@mb: You should look into the 4 Mythology volumes. It's essentially what you are looking for, a collection of the main story arc episodes.

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@mb: I 100% agree with you. The whole aliens arch never was rewarding, like at the time it was popular with fire in the sky film and other things but just one episode with chupacabra and it's tied up nice.

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Totally provided you just skip the last 2 seasons, but those were awful when they came out so that's no surprise.

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@shagge said:

Some day I'm actually going to get around to watching this show. I skipped it in its heyday, but I did watch Home a couple years ago and loved it. I know Home isn't representative of the series as a whole, but it would be a crime to ignore a series with the balls to make that episode.

Home was the most hardcore X-Files episode they ever made, but I wouldn't say it's not indicative of the quality or type of stories the show tells. Give it a shot from the beginning; if you could dig on Home then you'll enjoy most of the series.

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I watched X-Files for the first time a couple of years ago, and I would say that it has aged incredibly well. Knowing that the mythology turns to shit makes those episodes a bit weaker of course, but they're still a fun ride (with some amazing episodes) up until season 6. The best stand alone episodes are still absolutely fantastic, some of the best TV ever made.

Apart from season 1, the show also still looks really good, which is rare for a show from that era.

edit: Also, I think Empire Strikes Back is the only good movie of the Star Wars franchise, but that's neither here nor there.

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I watched it for the first time not too long ago and the first several seasons were pretty good.

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Caught a couple of episodes today. And yes, it holds up fantastically. Also the nineties were great.

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@oldirtybearon: Yeah, I've seen part of the first season (forgot about that time I got bored and poked around on Netflix for shows to get into) and liked it. Then I got hooked on a bunch of other shows and kept putting X-Files aside.

It's funny; I'm a big fan of good Monster of the Week shows (all the fun of horror anthologies with the added bonus of an overarching plot), so you'd think I'd have seen the most beloved one that doesn't have "Buffy" in the title.

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@shagge: for what it's worth, the first season is by far the weakest of the first 4-5 Seasons. Stick with it, it only gets better before it goes to shit with the last Three Seasons :)

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I still watch the ghost episode with Ed Asner every Christmas.

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hey OP, last summer i decided to watch the x files again "for real" since i was just a child when they were aired on tv, and honestly i would say 95 % of the x files had aged very well. there are some really bad episodes but overall I would say it's still really really good.

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It certainly does, obviously there are anachronisms but early X-Files is still eminently watchable. They fit in a surprising amount of characterization for all the monster-of-the-week stuff they did, and there's a certain kind of playfulness / wry humour that is quite well done. One of the best series ever IMO.

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For the most part. Enjoy looking at those giant face-burning cell phones. I went back and watched some season 1 and the acting was not as great as I remember except for Sculder and Mully.

I stopped watching the show after that Dogget guy and the other chick replace S+M, and Scully's alien baby nonsense. Maybe skip those parts? I thought the whole series kind of fell apart at the end.

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Well enough to make me stay up until 3 AM to watch. :)