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Patrick's spill gave me flashbacks to when my front wheel came off my bike a couple years ago. I was going at a pretty good pace and, since I was using toe clips, I flipped over the front of my handle bars and landed on my shoulder. Thankfully, I only had some bruises and a broken collarbone (x-ray below). So, Patrick, in case you are randomly perusing the forums, I can empathize. I did not, however, go the surgical route. Interestingly, during my surgical consult, I learned that the collarbone will eventually fuse back together. (My left shoulder is shorter though.) The year before I was hit by a car on my bike and broke a rib. Needless to say, I've taken a break (yes, intended) from cycling.

#2 Posted by SeanCoughing (269 posts) -

Luckily I have never broken a bone. I can't imagine how painful that would be, especially the collar bone.

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Never broken a bone, it would probably suck a lot.

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Only my big toe. Which did suck because it hurt for over 6 months and there's basically no real treatment other than not to stub it. I had awkwardly kicked a soccer ball at the exact same time as someone else, with my toes pointed right at the ball like an idiot.

#5 Posted by jking47 (1211 posts) -

Broke my pinky when I was younger, I was at soccer practice and was cleaning up, I went to grab a ball and some dumb ass decided to be funny and kick it out of the way. Instead he kicked it directly into my hand, so now my right pinky spreads out way farther than is normal.

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No I have not.

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Nope, I was inside playing video games when the other kids were out playing sports and breaking their bones !

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Is it weird i have never broken anything

#9 Posted by Village_Guy (2575 posts) -

Nope, I'm very careful regarding these sorta things, so I have avoided any serious injury so far...

#10 Posted by Sergio (2121 posts) -

I've never broken a bone, but I've torn some muscles in my palm/thumb when I had my thumb jammed so that it was bent back. I still had to wear a cast on my right hand, forcing me to write with my left during part of my senior year in high school.

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I have been in MANY situations where i should have broken bones (gone over the handle bars of my bike several times and have fallen 8+ feet more times then i care to admit) but the only time i actually broke a bone involved opening a door the wrong way.

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@donkeycow: Okay, I'm taking the bait, what did you break?

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I broke my right tibia and fibuala while rollerblading in '97. I stepped up onto a curb with my left foot and my right foot didn't clear. The boot just turned to the right until my ankle broke open. I've still got a plate and 7 screws in there. It didn't hurt that bad when it happened. But over the 6 weeks I had the cast on, my ankle stiffened up so badly I literally needed therapy to walk again. That PT sucked.

I've also broken a couple small bones in my foot.

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I fractured my little toe when I accidentally dropped an artilleryshell(42KG) on my foot during my army training. It was painful, but the bone was so small that I just got a support bandage on it.

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Yeah, broke my femur in a car crash. I was 10 at the time.

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@dj_b_rock: Wasn't meant as bait :p i just broke my wrist while attempting to open a door with a push bar and applying pressure on the side of the door where the hinges were.

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Nope. I've drank so much milk in my life that the calcium has turned my bones to steel.

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I actually have never broken a bone despite being pretty fragile.

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Nose two times, wrist four times, hand/knuckles three times and ribs probably five times. I used to skateboard and I get mouthy when I drink.

EDIT: Breaking bones pretty much suck, yeah.

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Nope. I have never broken a bone before. Mostly because:

@lornhg said:

Nope, I was inside playing video games when the other kids were out playing sports and breaking their bones !

And maybe:

Nope. I've drank so much milk in my life that the calcium has turned my bones to steel.

This has something to do with it. I've had cereal for breakfast every morning... ever, with milk. I don't necessarily know if that has anything to do with never breaking a bone, but it may.

#21 Posted by Beaker (94 posts) -

I've broken both of my arms (not at the same time luckily). My left forearm was bent like a banana and I had to have surgery to straighten it out.

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I never have, and I'm pretty happy with it that way.

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Fortunately, I was born with bones of steel.

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@lornhg said:

Nope, I was inside playing video games when the other kids were out playing sports and breaking their bones !

#25 Posted by mikey87144 (1772 posts) -

Broke my arm when I was 4 or 5. I passed out when the actual break occurred so the experience wasn't that bad.

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I broke both my Ulna and Radius in my left forearm while playing football. I had to get surgery and now have two metal plates in my left arm.

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I've broken my nose twice, a bone in a finger so its a bit crooked now, and a bone in my ankle. Nothing really serious but my nose doesnt look as it used to.

#28 Posted by Scrawnto (2446 posts) -

I've taken almost zero bad spills in my life, and I've never broken a bone. Hell, I can only remember three times that I've really skinned my knee or elbow. That's kind of surprising, considering how much I rode my bike as a kid and the years of parkour in college.

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I broke my foot in high school. I remember there being no pain whatsoever because it went immediately numb.

#30 Posted by Launch (61 posts) -

Broke my right wrist three times and my left wrist once somewhere at various points between ages 8-16, and broke my toe once when I was a babby, so I can't remember much of that. But yeah, shit is not fun. Especially when the break isn't clean, so they have to tug at your hand to slide your snapped-ass wrist back into proper position before they can throw a cast around it.

#31 Posted by AoDfan (29 posts) -

I broke my left ankle, totally snapped off the medial malleolus. I did it while on a ladder working on a satellite dish. The only thing I can remember is landing on my ass, didn't feel anything happen to my ankle. Then when I tried to stand up, I could feel something wasn't quite right. Got it screwed back on, spent a month on crutches and a month with a cane. The initial breaking wasn't bad, it wasn't till after the surgery that I started having pain. The only thing they ever gave me was T3s.

I've known some people that had broken collar bones. Some had no real problems, let it heal naturally. Others let it heal naturally but complained about feeling the broken points butting up against each other.

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I broke my wrist.

I've also had two surgeries on my left knee, but I technically didn't "break" it, and it really doesn't count for this...

#33 Posted by Soapy86 (2620 posts) -

Both arms.

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Left collarbone, pelvis, right hand, and a toe. I think that's it.

Collarbone was the most painful. Hand was the most annoying.

#35 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7241 posts) -

I have broken my finger twice (two different ones) which sucked pretty bad, they both happened while playing sports and were the result of my fingers bending too far back! (Ouch)

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I've broken my arm before and had to wear a cast for like 2 weeks.

@sexytoad said:

Never broken a bone, it would probably suck a lot.

It does suck cause when something breaks, even when they fix it, its never the same.

#37 Posted by mandude (2669 posts) -

No, but I've had a sprain, which I've heard can be more painful than a break. Though I did break the long jump record in my school, while doing so.

#38 Posted by Butano (1738 posts) -

I've never broken a bone of my own. Sprained my middle finger though. Twice actually. First time it was from my hand getting slammed by the door, and the next time was when I was playing basketball in middle school.

#39 Posted by Angre_Leperkan439 (333 posts) -

I'm surprised that so many people haven't broken a bone like me! I was never a big sports player, so I spose that was why. But I've never broken a bone in my life, and I aim to keep it that way (except maybe I'll do it sometime, just to see how it feels)

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Yep, two bones. Broken my collarbone like Patrick (I can imagine that he is having a horrible time sleeping) and a metatarsal in my left foot. Breaking your collarbone sucks, since you're essentially forced into particular positions just so you aren't in excrutiating pain.

I will also use the one stoner moment in my life and say that I was disappointed I didn't get any heavy painkillers for them, since I tend to enjoy the short state of bliss you have after surgery, where you kind of feel invincible. Or at least, that's how I've felt after the very limited times I've had surgery, and I'd never go out of my way to get high on morphine or anything like that. Gotta enjoy it rarely at best.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I've dislocated my pinky. That was ultimately a cool photo followed by a few weeks of inconvenience.

#41 Posted by Sinusoidal (1482 posts) -

I cracked my right kneecap my first year of junior high. They put you into a cast from ankle to crotch for that. That sucked.

#42 Posted by DuncanWood (2 posts) -

Been lurking for a while duders, thought I'd share. That pic is hubris defined, imo. Been a jock-nerd my whole life, and this one break (of many) was from a no-gi grappling tournament a few years ago. Got caught in a kimura (shoulder-lock submission, for those that aren't familiar, I'm now intimately familiar haha.) The hold puts pressure on the shoulder and can dislocate it if enough pressure is applied. In trying to counter it and fight out, there was a great deal of torque on my left arm. Though there was pain, I thought I could get out of the hold. Long story short, the other guy cranked it, and I WAS WRONG.

I remember the crack, and then he let go, and I just fell back on the mat in a little bit of shock. There wasn't pain, at first... If I had known it would be over 30 minutes before they got me on to a stretcher and on the way to the hospital, I would have passed out. They couldn't give me anything for the pain while I lay there, but luckily one of the EMTs thought to give me some laughing gas. I distinctly remember laughing my ass off as I got wheeled off the mats. Spiral fracture of my left humerus (nothing funny about it, hyuk hyuk, I'll see myself out...) My doctor said I was fortunate a major nerve wasn't nicked because I could have had "drop-wrist" for up to a year. Meaning I wouldn't have use of that joint, leaving my hand dangling limply at the end of my arm. Luckily I'm right-handed, or it would've killed my love life... Anywho, I rehabbed like a machine after the surgery, and I was back to training full contact within 4 months. Had an amateur Muay Thai fight at 7 months post-op.

So yeah, there are less painful (and less expensive) ways to learn when you've had enough. The funny thing was I had won the two previous tournaments I had entered before that one. Heck of a way for an undefeated streak to end.. Thanks for reading if you got this far, I'm really digging the Bomb community the more I frequent the site! Cheers!

#43 Posted by Winternet (8018 posts) -

No, but I have boner a broke. What.

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I sprained my left wrist real bad and got a stress fracture in my right ankle. Not at the same time, two different incidents. I've never full on broken a bone before though.

#45 Posted by Ravelle (1261 posts) -

My toe, when I wanted to karate kick my brother but instead hit a door post.

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I've fractured my wrist playing basketball in grade school. Then I broke my index finger during high school football. Both on the left hand.

#47 Posted by Sursh (243 posts) -

nope. i'm an immortal being.

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@ravelle: One of my broken wrists is a similar story. Wanted to kick my brother and was wearing socks on a slippery floor. It was full on Hanna-Barbera banana-peel.

#49 Posted by Aterons (198 posts) -

I did fracture my heel ( no clue if that is an actual bone you can fracture but it hurt like heel and I couldn't step for days ) when i was at my grandparents "farm" and jumping off of shit like grain sacks and ladders. Never gone to a doctor and I could walk fine in about 1 month and "healed" fully in about 2, to this day i don't know exactly what happened.

But as far as having to go to the hospital, no, never broke a bone.

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Yep, broke my collar bone and elbow skateboarding. Good stuff.