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The only thing I have ever broken is my jaw and I had to have it wired shut for a couple months.

It was miserable. So difficult to eat, I lost a ton of weight (and I'm already a skinny guy). Most people couldn't hear what you are saying. Had to carry scissors around to cut the wires in case you somehow vomited so you wouldn't choke to death.

Rough shit.

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A broken collarbone from cycling.

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Almost all of my fingers and one of my knuckles.

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I've broken my nose and a bone in my ankle. I have worse memories of the joints I've sprained... Sprains are awful.

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I've broken my right arm twice, nothing serious. When I was seven I broke both bones in my left forearm and needed surgery.

#56 Posted by abomunist (127 posts) -

I've broken both of my legs... at the same time.

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No but i can dislocate both my thumbs. It's my special talent in life.

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I broke my wrist when I was like 12 and it never healed properly and now it makes this disgusting popping sound whenever I move it laterally. Here's a video:

Loading Video...

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Luckily in my 27 years of life, I have managed to NOT break any bones. Now, besides death, the though of breaking a bone is one of my biggest fears!

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Spiral fractured my humerus a few years back. That was all kinds of fun. Oh, and I've probably broken every toe at least once in various activities.

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i broke my finger....on my brothers face. lol.

#62 Posted by Devildoll (959 posts) -

not once

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I've broken my right arm and my right wrist.

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I roller bladed for about 12 years and only ever broke my wrist and a few other sprains and stuff.

Went snowboarding once and broke my elbow and ended up needing two operations on it lol.

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Yeah broke my hand when I was four, got it stuck near a door and it kinda snapped/broke, didn't hurt really, I guess my brain didn't really process it, i was kinda shocked and thought "huh my hands looks a bit weird... i'm gonna get into trouble for this" went to my mum, and she freaked out.

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I've been lucky enough never to although I though I did a couple times. I used to play tackle football as a kid with no equipment, been playing hockey for the past 7 years or so now (granted that's in full equipment). Time's Ive been close was blocking a couple shots at hockey and once when I was working I slipped in a pothole while carrying a stove on a hand truck and the hand truck slammed my finger into the ground. There was a lot of blood at that one and it killed, surprised I didn't break my finger. But holy crap, as much as breaking a bone might hurt, wait until you have to go to the hospital and they have to stick a needle into your finger. Just hold your finger and realize how little flesh you have there, and the needle is thick for some reason too.

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Fractured my left big toe unintentionally kicking a wall.

Fractured my left forearm in 2 places trying to surf down a sand dune.

Neither was very pleasant.

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Broke my wrist from a bike spill. Cracked my ulna (the bone on your arm that runs from the pinky side down to the elbow) up from the elbow (didn't require setting, just immobilization) during a snowball fight (don't ask)...

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Collar bone, whilst snowboarding. My dad and I were at the top of the hill and he challenged me-- first one down from the top. Got about halfway down until I hit a patch of ice, flew forwards and landed head first with my shoulder taking the rest of the impact. Woke up a couple seconds later and was lying on my back in the worst pain I've ever experienced.

The worst was probably going back to school, though. I had to wear a brace for a good month and a couple friends hit/punched/slapped me in the shoulder either by mistake or on purpose. Somehow hurt even more than the initial break.

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No, which I imagine will make the first time worse if it ever happens.

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I broke my toe then went to work and stood on it for several hours; pretty excruciating walk home thereafter; though a simple enough injury to solve; continued to work for the next month with it bandaged appropriately and it got better relatively quick. Though much less painful a lingering muscle tissue injury has lasted me for almost 2 years now.

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Managed to break my big toe falling up stairs (and solidify the mocking nickname of Grace). Also broke my middle finger playing volleyball in 8th/9th grade. It healed a little crooked and was never splinted due to my mother believing I was just being overly dramatic.

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No. I'm clumsy as fuck and therefore dangerously careful (I'm so clumsy with my carefulness that sometimes it backfires).

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I fractured my spatula and dislocated my clarinet while fist-fighting a Bengal tiger that had winked suggestively at my valet.

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Only my heart has ever been broken.

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I broke my wrist skateboarding back in middle school.

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I don't know if it counts, but when I was around 7-8, I fractured my right thumb (the area between the "top" knuckle and the knuckle that actually connects to your hand). Hurt really bad and my thumb was out of commission, but I learned to play video games with my right index and middle fingers. And then everything was right in the world.

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I fractured my ankle last year during BMT. Good times!

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I have a permanently broken right index finger knuckle bone. My finger will always be slightly swollen around the knuckle.

I also chipped a bone that was connected to a tendon on my middle finger and as a result my middle finger will never stand full straight again. When it broke I had probably a good 180 degrees of rotation for the tip section of that finger. I could touch it to the second section of my middle finger. It was pretty nasty. Took 3 months to heal.

Other than that, just standard sprains and breaks for the rest of my fingers. My hands look kinda mangled. Sprained thumbs are the worst. I mostly screw up tendons and muscles. I screwed up one of my ankles really badly bowling.

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Nope. The worst thing that has happened to me was Road Rash.

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I broke my arm in primary school, playing some dumb wrestling game in the playground.

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All the toes on my right foot. At the same time.

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Never by accident... but i had open heart surgery and they split my ribcage so that counts right?

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@duncanwood: Sheesh that looks bad.

I broke a rib playing rugby, and my thumb doing pinch-punch-first-of-the-month.
The second one I regret more than the first.

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I've broken a tooth but never a bone (thankfully).

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I broke my colleague's hand back in 7th grade. She was pissed at me for years.

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I broke my elbow in '93, and my arm in '99 and 2000. Also, I broke my thumb in '06. Piece of advise: Be careful when inline skating.

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I had a small fracture in my finger after a game of basketball. Was trying to block a ball but hit my finger head on. Took half a month to heal.

#91 Posted by Killercombo (258 posts) -

When I break a bone on one side of my body, the other side will also break in time: my wrists, my thumbs and my big toes. Once one broke the other one was not far behind, its really strange...

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Nope. Never had a cavity, either.

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Fractured the bones on top of my foot. It was the worst pain I'v ever experienced.

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Broke my big toe more than once but who gives a shit about that.

Broke my collar bone, twice. First time was hilarious. I was 16 and my dad and sister were getting into it big time, and I decided to interfere and tell my dad to fuck off or something. His anger became directed at me and he threw me across the kitchen basically, then walked away. I got off my ass and went downstairs to my room and that's when I realized something was horribly wrong. Broken collar bone. It's just funny because dad was never abusive but the one time he did anything, and I deserved it, he broke my fucking collar bone haha So naturally I kept the cause a secret because he didn't deserve the stigma that would come with outsiders hearing the story.

The second time was months later when I was basically healed, and me and a friend were getting high in the woods in the winter. We started talking about Jason Vorhees and got freaked out and ran out of the woods. I jumped a snowbank onto the road and slipped on ice and broke it all over again. First time it snapped in two, but this time it stayed together at least.

So my broken bones are always a result of my own stupidity.

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I shattered my kneecap. Now I can tell the weather.

#97 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

I had a small fracture in my finger after a game of basketball. Was trying to block a ball but hit my finger head on. Took half a month to heal.

That hurts like a motherfucker. Happened to me the same day as the last episode of Seinfeld haha

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yup. i was swinging on a swing i got tired and let go and proceeded to fall and bust my arm.

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This is Patrick:

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@punkxblaze: Spiral fracture high five !

@big_jon@chavtheworld: I've got the post surgery pic laying around somewhere, with all the hardware inside, pretty gnarly. I'll have to dig it up!