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I have. A couple years back a "friend" was staying over and he stole my 13 year old sister's DS, her MP3 player, Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, my rare Chinese Radiohead "Amnesiac" CD and my Pink Floyd "Animals" CD.

It's funny because I still see him around now, I know he sold them for drugs and I feel that even though he stole from me, I won in the end because he was kicked out by his parents and is mooching off a crippled guy's disability allowance and sleeping on his floor.

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Yup. Asshole stole my Ipod. I got him good though. He ended up paying for  the ipod, giving the ipod back and got his ass kicked by his parents. When my parents dragged his ass back to my house (we noticed the Ipod was stolen before he was even 10 houses away, he started crying like the little bitch he was.

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Not a friend, but a guy I knew named Clinton jacked like, easily a QP of bud out of my house when none of my family was home. I broke his hand with a bat and then he jumped me with two friends in the woods near my house and I haven't seen him since. Learned to be a lot less trusting with telling people when my family is out of town, in fact a lot less trusting of giving out information in general. Good question duder, I wanna see some stories haha

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In high school, in art class.. someone stole my fucking art project. I suspected the kid who did it, this kelpto who swiped a CD from me earlier that year, so after my teacher refused to do anything without proof, I grabbed his backpack and searched his shit and found my canvas folded up and scribbled on with blue pen. I punched him in the side of the head and knocked him off his stool with no repercussions. 
I don't care what kind of person you are or what you believe, don't touch another man's shit.

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I paid for my friends rent (£1000), as they were going to get kicked out if they didn't pay it. As we'd already said we'd be living together the next year, I figured they'd have a while to pay it back quite easily.
Then they both dropped out of Uni a few weeks later and moved back home and have not spoken to me since.
I got his XBox (since he never came back for it), but I gave that to my foster brother (since I already have one).
I feel stupid in retrospect, but then they were my friends and they were in trouble.

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Me too, I NEVER tell anyone when my family is away. I live in the middle of nowhere, but still. I know a few people who wouldn't hesitate jumping in a car and going for a pick up and run operation.

@MegaMetaTurtle: Holy shit, 1000 pounds! That's a lot more in Canadian money, somewhere around 1,500 bucks.

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I can honestly say that I haven't experienced this. I never give out anything that I would miss if it wasn't returned to me, and if anyone tried to take anything from me by force I would, as the colloquial ebonism goes, "fuck their shit up yo".

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 When I was in High school I gave a fellow student I didn't know that well a  ride home from school. During the course of the conversation on the way there he made a  comment about my car stereo and how nice it was and Casually asked me what part of town I lived in. The next morning it was gone. I couldn't prove that it was him but he eventually got arrested for ( guess what?! ) stealing car stereos. It sucks to feel stupid for  doing something nice for someone you don't know that well but, what can I say? Some people are shitty.    

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My brother stole my fathers .357 and sold it for weed.

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I got some collectors edition music albums, my mp3 player and even a videogame stolen by a good friend.
I figured it out, wanted to get him back for it, because I carry a lot of hate for these kinda things.
Not going into much detail but I invited him over and he left with a few wounds and a bruised body.
I even got picked up by the cops the next day but it was bloody worth it.
He still goes out of his way when he sees me on the street.
Don't steal my shit, especially not after 7 years of friendship.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned eh?

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Never happened to me, but I would be really pissed if it did.

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once i lent my xbox to a friend for his ps2, a week later he gave it to my other friend. That friends brother then stole it and sold it for drugs, he then went to jail for other reasons. So none of my friends will take responsibility for this.

#14 Posted by MightyMayorMike (423 posts) -

Holy cow, you were straight up pillaged, dude!
I've robbed someone I knew. When I was super young, I stole one of my cousin's action figures. I don't know if he knows -- he never brought it up.

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Yeah I know, but I did manage to get The Phantom Hourglass back, which proved that he took everything. PH was the game that was in the DS when we noticed it was gone, and somehow I find the game at his place the next time I'm there even though he doesn't have a DS. Too much of a coincidence. Not only that, he didn't have the case, just the game. I tell his sister, who I'm best friends with, she tells her parents but we can't back it up because he sold it all for weed. He had a history of taking things from his friends. His sister told me that once, he was at a friends house when he was even younger and he took some of his PS2 games and put them in his overnight bag. The friend stepped on his bag, heard a crack, opened it up to find all his games.

I'm just glad I had a part in getting his parents fed up with him and getting kicked out. I'd rather have a home over a DS, a cheap MP3 player and two albums I have digitally.

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One night when me and a friend were going to meet two attractive females for a night out, a guy I knew badly from my neighbourhood after taking drugs or drinking, pointed a gun at me, in a more dodgy part of the street, asking for my cellphone. 
I resisted, and his friends came off offering a beating. Luckily enough, a car passed by and stopped seeing the situation. The cowards run. 
Next day I assemble a couple of friends, discovered where the guy lived, and made him a house call. I came to know that he, despite having 20 years at most, was a father and apparently was married. And stupidly he did robberies and other equally dumb activities near the place they all lived.  
I was also about to report him to the police, but in the end I took all his information, and let him live his miserable life. Interestingly enough, I never saw the group that tried to mug me together again. 

#17 Posted by RandomHero666 (3181 posts) -

Guy I was best friends with for 9 years did.
Haven't seen him  for a year or 2 now, he stole about 5 xbox games and about 800 quid i had set aside for my dog before vanishing.
Before he fucked me off i would see car either at the bookies or a drug dealers place near mine. Drugs and gambling I guess are worth more than 9 years of friendship.

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Not sure if this counts, but while I was away for the summer my brother took and cashed in my tax return one time. Dunno how he did it. Got the money back anyways, since he supposedly thought it was for him, because we have the same middle name.

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Yep. My cousin. Pretty grim scenario.

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10th grade my "friend" stole my nike UNC shorts out of my gym bag. A few days later another friend told my he had them so I checked his bag and sure enough there they were. Confronted him about it, fight ensued, knocked out his 2 upper front teeth with a full 20 oz fruitopia bottle. Worst thing I've ever done to another person. 10 years later, the dude still won't talk to me. I've made my peace with it. Did the right thing and apologized and tried to mend fences but he wasn't having it.

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Yeah, not really a friend but I was friendly with him.

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Yeah. A kid I had gone to preschool through the 8th grade while staying friendly with in high school sold me oregano for $60. I consider it robbery.

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Somewhat friend from school (more like a friend of a friend whos class I was in) came over, with my actual friend, for some reason. I can't remember why. He went into my step moms room at some point, and that night my step mom said 20$ was missing. was clearly him. 
He's a fucking loser.

#24 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (414 posts) -
Yeah, it sucks, though to be honest I'm more bothered about losing my friends. I can always re-earn the money I lost.
(Also, followed due to cool profile pic. Hell Yeah Ben Linus)
#25 Posted by SMTDante89 (2577 posts) -

Yeah, some rare Yugioh cards back when that was the thing for kids of my age.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I got some collectors edition music albums, my mp3 player and even a videogame stolen by a good friend.
I figured it out, wanted to get him back for it, because I carry a lot of hate for these kinda things.
Not going into much detail but I invited him over and he left with a few wounds and a bruised body.
I even got picked up by the cops the next day but it was bloody worth it.
He still goes out of his way when he sees me on the street.
Don't steal my shit, especially not after 7 years of friendship.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned eh? "
Holy crap. Remind me never to cross you.
#27 Posted by Meteora (5787 posts) -

I don't think so. I rarely invite anyone to my house.

#28 Posted by Godwind (2597 posts) -

My heart was stolen from a woman I knew.

But in seriousness, my friend almost tried to steal my copy of FF7, but I knew he was trying to steal it but I acted as if he wasn't trying to.  So I played it cool and said I couldn't find my copy of FF7 and searched under the couch where I knew he hid it.   
He tried to skirt it saying "Well if I asked, you would have said no." 
I told him "Try asking first." 
He said "Can I borrow your copy of FF7?" 
I said "No." 
He responded "Why not?" 
I told him "Because you just tried to steal it from me." 
I ended up trading my copy of FF7 for his copy of Golden Sun.  Pretty good deal If I may add.  That copy of FF7 cost me about $9.99 while that copy of Golden Sun would have run me for at least $20.  Some time in the future, I bought another copy of FF7.  He ended up hating FF7 while I ended up enjoying Golden Sun.  
Another time, I think my Boss tried to steal my tips from me.

#29 Posted by Fajita_Jim (1463 posts) -

I caught a 'friend' named Josh taking money right out of my wallet when he thought I was asleep on the couch. I beat his ass and kicked him out, he had to walk about 4 hours to get home.
In January, and in the rain, well after dark.
Fucking bastard.

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This thread is awesome, keep it up people. 
It never happened to me, but in high school a kid i knew asked me one day to hold onto a cell phone without a battery in it. I thought it was weird but i did and gave it back to him later. Later on in the year he was caught stealing stuff from people backpacks during gym class, like cellphones, and was kicked out. 

#31 Posted by Xyber (292 posts) -

Yeah. A dude in my class stole my backpack, but this was in 2nd grade and he just wanted a reason for me to come over. :P 
We ended up having fun playing Driver 2 on his new PS2 and became good friends after that, so I guess it was a pretty smart move on his part. Sneaky bastard!

#32 Posted by lazyturtle (1229 posts) -

Sort of. When I was in high school, I was robbed at gun point while trying to make a purchase. I knew who he was from school and knew he was in some gang or another. Being that I had no standing to go to the police and he was armed..I let it go.

#33 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -

My sister's boyfriend stole my dad's bow, my bike, several of my video games, and whatever money I had in my room. Sad thing is that my sister kept dating him, and I'm sure he stole more shit over the years. My sister took $20 from my wallet a month or so ago too, which pisses me off considering that's money I worked for while she's sitting on her ass and doing nothing with her life. 

#34 Posted by Inkerman (1451 posts) -

I like how physical violence is the automatic and accepted response to this.

#35 Posted by AjayRaz (12427 posts) -

my brother's friend stole my copy of Mega Man X6 sometime in 2002. i miss it! *sob* 

#36 Posted by animateria (3253 posts) -

My friend steals my time every other night talking about his girl problems... 

#37 Posted by Stackboy (503 posts) -

You guys need new friends.

#38 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2712 posts) -

Nope actually. 
#39 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -
I'm not so bad once you get to know me^^
#40 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

holy shit, loaded thread 
never had that experience fortunately.

#41 Posted by s7evn (1072 posts) -

Luckily I haven't had this issue to deal with.

#42 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

kind of, a friend borrows things from me for some reason. when i come over i end up taking it back. the last thing he took was a screw driver that i bought to open up my 360. i ended up finding it on his bed. i took it and he was all like o that's mine but you can borrow it.

#43 Posted by PenguinDoctor (293 posts) -

A couple of years ago, the son of a dude my mother was dating jacked about 10 Gamecube games from me, because, you know, they had a value of about 5 bucks. 
We're now step-brothers.
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People who steal suck!

#45 Posted by RichardLOlson (1852 posts) -

Yea I've had a friend of mine steal a few games from me and then turned around 3 days after trying to sell them back to me.

#46 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Yes, I let a friend borrow a 200 dollar airsoft gun, and he kept insisting he was going to pay me for it "next week" (I told him I would sell it to him when he got money, but to return it to me until he did) until finally a month or two ago (he had it for damn near a year) I let one of his best friends (who is also a good friend of mine) know what was going on and he went into his house while he was away and stole it back.  That felt good.  The dude I let borrow it seems pissed at me, which I find hilarious.

#47 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -

"Friend" tried to steal my brand new GBA SP along with my completed Pokemon Sapphire back in the day. Had none of it, tableflipped a glass table atop of him. No injuries.

#48 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (1876 posts) -

back when the ds first came out, a guy i sort of knew stole it and my copy of castlevania dawn of sorrow from right under my nose. but in the end it turned out okay, because i went to his house with my dad to get it back, and when his parents found out, they weren't happy. luckily that's the only time something like that has happened to me.

#49 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3483 posts) -

Not yet.....................^^

#50 Posted by badwhodo (248 posts) -

flatmate stood me up for over $3000.00in back-rent and utilities and moved out while i was on holiday. 
left the key taped to the inside of the door-frame.  
i'm not bitter about it though.  its just a lesson learned.