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Its great fun and i've been to one in Chicago,and one in Edmonton!You meet such new people and get new friends,and its really fun to dress up as a zombie and walk in the street!If you haven't been to one,i really recommend you too!Halloween is soon,and it usually is a zombie walk then.

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Ugh, Zombie Walks. Another sign that people are getting dumber.

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I thought EA employees didn't have enough time for zombie walks.

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I've never been to one but I see zombies everyday, 8 am. 
My English Conversation class is full of em.

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indeed I have, and their very strange.
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@dudeglove said:
" I thought EA employees didn't have enough time for zombie walks. "
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There's a big one in the city I live in (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and I was downtown when it was going on and I had no idea what was going on hahaha

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@OutOfBounds9000 said:
" My spacebar works just fine. "
He was questioning your ability to use one. Not whether it was functional or not. Just saying.
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no, i never been to one. i have seen videos of it before. it was cool with the one that i saw. one person was a really great hunter from left 4 dead.

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You're basically asking if I've been part of the crowd leaving as a nightclub closes.

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Nope, but I have been in a Zombie Orgy.

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@OutOfBounds9000: Yeah the Edmonton ones tend to be effing awesome. The River City Zombie Committee always gets things going in this city.
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Yeah I did in toronto it's AWESOME. Nothing like a zombie walk with 6000+ people on a day not on halloween. Some people get scared, especially then they don't expect it lol
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@RichardLOlson said:
" Nope, but I have been in a Zombie Orgy. "
That sounds very,very disgusting.
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I did, and some guy got eaten.  Never doing that again.

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Yes, actually I have. This last friday. It was my first time and I did it because of a couple of different reasons but in the end it was really really fun. This one was in Malmö, Sweden.  So we were only about 200 people, that's more than enough to get a reaction from people though. Here are some photos from the event. 

      Zombies waiting to continue their walk...

 Even Frank West was there!

 And here is yours truly splattered and teared...
Wierd but very fun and all people that saw it thought is was fun/cool and took photos. Then during late evening the videogame organization I'm a prt of held a nightclub party with a zombie theme, complete with Dead Rising 2! ^^
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First time I had ever heard of such a thing was when I saw it myself while visiting family in California.  That was some weird shit.

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Every day, I am one

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Took part in one probably 6 months ago. It was interesting to see the public reaction in my reasonably small city. There were a few angry people who wrote in to the local paper and people who wrote in counter arguments. It was a big local deal for a few weeks. Pic of me dressed up is in my bio.

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No but there's never been one anywhere near where I've lived.

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If I were president everyday would be a zombie walk.

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I was at a parade earlier this year that featured a few zombie walkers. 
I've never participated myself. I'd like to hold onto what little dignity I have left. 

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The idea seems neat but there aren't any near me.