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yep, i buy things off of there a couple of times. i haven't bought anything in a while.

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I recently bought some games, some HDMI cables, and a piece of entry-level recording gear. I've gotten some weirder stuff over the years, especially retro gaming gear.

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I just bought a Coin Set for the Presidential $1 coins from 2007-2010's Abraham Lincoln with spaces for next year's coins. So my question, have you ever bought anything off ebay?

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I use Amazon most of the time

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Not yet. Kind of weary about purchasing like, REAL STUFF off the Internets.
Purchasing digitally distributed content I'm fine with. I can pay for it and have it right away.
But buying real stuff I think lends itself more to me potentially getting screwed over and that ain't cool. Or whatever.
I'll probably give it a whirl eventually.

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Nah. I'm too paranoid they'll send me something broken. 

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Sadly, the only things I've ever purchased through Ebay are a couple of D&D figurines. Single 4 lyfe

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Yes, but never for myself. Just gifts.

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Yes, all the time.

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I bought a mic couple of years from this Hong Kong seller. Still working. :)

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I buy weird stuff I know I can't find anywhere else. 
Sega Saturn USB controllers for SSF4 and cheap game soundtracks for instance.

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Wow, 20% haven't. I expected to come here and everyone be like "this is stupid, of course I have".

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Yesterday, I would've said no, but I'm actually bidding on a 360 copy of Darksiders as I type this. lol 
EDIT: Scratch that, just WON a copy of Darksiders for 10 bucks. Boo-yah!

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I bought a guitar off ebay a while ago, and Ibanez Talman TC420 

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The first thing I ever bought on eBay was in May of 2003; I bought a copy of Metal Gear for the NES.

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A few old games and i bought a monitor off there once, always had good luck with sellers. I used to buy gun mags off there before they disallowed them to be sold on ebay.

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I bought a few Star Wars CCG cards back in the day, but that has been it.

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The day I got my credit card, eBay was first stop. I've bought everything from wigs to games, sweaters to comics, nyQuil, twinkies, vanilla coke... whatever I find a good offer on really! I love it! haven't been there for a few months though

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Yep! Most recently got Neko some exo-terra leaf thingies.

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Nope, I don't use ebay.

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In the past, yes, but I'm not too enthusiastic when it comes to using paypal. Not wild on how they store your data for so long.

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Never sites like that, Amazon and sites that deal with things in the same way are completely fine though.

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I bought the original iphone to use on tmobile from eBay.  That was the only thing though.  Amazon is where all my shopping is done.

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I bought a bogner alchemist in new condition for a little more than half the price it was selling at new. It also came with a really nice cover that apperently only sells on ebay (had to look the name up, D2F covers) , which I ended up buying for my other amps. 

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Only one thing: Ocarina of Time. I'd buy more stuff, but I don't want to dick around with cashier's checks or Paypal or crap like that.

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I bought a few things. I usually use Ebay as a last resort though. I like having a warranty on my stuff.

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I bought Joe & Mac.  Never regretted it.
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Yep, lots of stuff. Tshirts, 2 SLR cameras, comics, Demon Souls (before the US/EU date) and a bundle which had a dreamcast with 30 games. You just have to be weary of the seller, if they have at least 99% positive feedback then you should be fine.

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Nope. Haven't bought anything off Ebay and probably never will.
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All the damn time. I'm expecting a copy of Big Bumpin' in the mail any day now...

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YES at least 20 times.  I <3 ebay.

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I bought Forza 2 on ebay. Good times.

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I think maybe once or twice.