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Have you guys ever cried during a movie? If so, which one? Just thought it was an interesting question to ask.

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The Lion King. I cry every time.

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As a child - The Lion King & Braveheart

As an adult... none...

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I cry during the end of Dragonheart. Every. Damn. Time.

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Cried at the end of Norbit wasted 2 hours of my life watching that piece of shit.

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@ssj4raditz said:

The Lion King. I cry every time.

This, or at least I used to.

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I got misty during that opening of Up.

@I_Stay_Puft said:

Cried at the end of Norbit wasted 2 hours of my life watching that piece of shit.

As for real tears, this. I was full of such hate that I was shedding tears of anger.

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Hardball with Keanu Reeves.

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Recently it was with Life of Pi. When the tiger just vanished without looking back, it kind of reminded me of some past friendships that are no more. No goodbye or anything - just gone. I could not hold back. Was not outright crying but just teary eyed.

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Old Yeller is the greatest tear-jerker or all time.

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No. I can separate fiction from reality.

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Skyfall's ending but those were the tears of great joy that come with a :D face that's getting its mind blown.
(Most recent film anyway yeah. Those are the tears I get, those of pleasure and joy. Should see me when I listen to sweet new vocaloid dubstep)

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Terminator 2 when Arnold goes into the lava and gives a thumbs up. I was seven when it came out, shut up.

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Several! It's cathartic. I also just really like movies.

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Toy Story 3, UP and obviously E.T. probably a few more, just can't remember them off the top of my head. If you didn't shed a tear during E.T. you aren't human.

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I can't remember the last time that I cried in a movie. I remember watching The Lair of the White Wormwhen I was a little kid and crying because I accidentally ripped off part of one of my toenails.
I almost teared recently when watching Les Miserables. I didn't, but almost.

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Uhh, I've cried at a lot of movies. Most recently I really choked up at the end of Nekomonogatari Black (I know it's not a movie, but it was a 1 hour and 40 minute OVA aired in one chunk so it might as well have been!).

@JacDG: My face was as dry as a prairie dog doing that entire film! (whatever the hell that means).

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Ending of Saving Private Ryan definitely got me pretty teary-eye'd

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Hahaha, no.

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The one and only time I've shed a tear is when I had some time to kill, so sat down with my kids and turned on the telly and Fox and the Hound was on. And the end my daughter was crying inconsolably saying "They only wanted to be friends". That touched me way more than the movie ever could.

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I love when people talk about crying like it's some sacred line that can't be crossed.

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@MysteriousBob said:

No. I can separate fiction from reality.

Can you?

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Quite a number of movies. The Green Mile makes me cry just about every time I watch it.

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@Zacagawea said:

Hahaha, no.

You hard.

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@Getz said:

Hardball with Keanu Reeves.

This. Plus nowadays I almost get tears watching the show Scared Straight. Mostly at the stories people go through. Haven't actually cried but I get that feeling.

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Uh, last I remember was the girl who leapt through time. probably way more though!

maybe eternal sunshine? I don't watch a lot of movies

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The closest I've ever come is the end of Glory.

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Toy Story 3 and Up. Fuck you, Pixar.

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9th Company. Only happened once, though, and I was also pretty drunk during that particular viewing.

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Yeah quite a few mostly when I was a kid but there are still some that made me cry even today.

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Maybe, I can't remember if I did or not.

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Les Miserables, Toy Story 3, Skyfall, the end of Chronicle, a lot of movies.

I don't even know why...

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i cried during Wreck It Ralph when you know who did you know what to you know who.

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Not really with movies. I've gotten all misty while watching a movie (Wall-E fading and Eve's panic, for example), but I can't recall the last time I cried during a movie. The same is true for video games. Now, what will make me sob occasionally is anime. The difference is the amount of time invested. A series requires a steady investment of time and, if done well, it can create a stronger bond between myself and the character. That in turn will lead to a stronger emotional response from me during story moments. There isn't enough time in your average movie for me to build that kind of relationship with the film characters. On the other hand, while there is enough time while playing a game, the problem is most of that time involves me doing something such as "playing the game." Because I am never entirely focused on the story, there is a disconnect between myself and what the developers are trying to evoke. Part of me is always thinking about the next move or basic survival. While games can create a strong level of immersion, the game part itself prohibits me from committing to the illusion fully.

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Does Walking Dead count as a movie?

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@heis24 said:

Old Yeller is the greatest tear-jerker or all time.


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I just saw Django and shed a tear. I cry watching movies a lot though.

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George Washington, The Cove, and Wendy and Lucy all got me pretty hard.

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No can't say I remember doing so to a movie now the end of a few anime series left me pretty damn sad. The end of the Witchblade anime had me surprisingly a pretty big mess. But that was mostly due to Rihoko losing her mom. Playing the sad child card gets me every damn time.

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@Demoskinos said:
No can't say I remember doing so to a movie now the end of a few anime series left me pretty damn sad. The end of the Witchblade anime had me surprisingly a pretty big mess. But that was mostly due to Rihoko losing her mom. Playing the sad child card gets me every damn time.
Dang it, I just started watching that recently. I hate to be that guy but raaargghhhh spoilers! 
More on topic, yeah I've cried during movies. 
I couldn't tell you specifically but throw a stone and you'll probably hit one. 
Doesn't take much to turn me into a blubbering babby. 
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Full on crying? Can't think of anything.

The most recent movie I've seen which made my eyes a little misty was The Muppets.

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@Dimsey Well to be fair the revelation that all the witchblade bearers eventually die is pretty early on. But hey sorry anyways. You should still have a good time with it though.
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Nah. Movies have laughable writing compared to books. I've cried while reading books, definitely, but movies? It's just harmless popcorn fun. There's no real depth to the medium or the art created within it. People should just stop trying, honestly.

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@Demoskinos: Guess I either missed that or haven't gotten to it yet, but I'm not really too perturbed. Don't see it hindering my enjoyment. S'all good.
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Would of probably cried at the end of Blow if I wasn't watching it with my friends lol.

Also fuck Penelope Cruz.

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Grave of the Fireflies

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I haven't cried at a film in my adult life, but a couple of months ago I watched Incendies and I came pretty damn close. That film is...harrowing.