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Does Walking Dead count as a movie?

i HOPE you mean the comic since it definitely got me when lori and the baby are running for safety in the prison assault on one page and then next page are gunned down in cold blood

or the game when Katjaa shoots herself and then Duck is killed (2nd time the same moment actually made me tear up which surprised me)

but as far as movies there are two or three but i definitely remember Grave of the Fireflies

rice balls :'( just thinking about it man

or TV shows futurama jurassic bark

for a thousand summers, i will wait for you :'(

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Not really with movies. I've gotten all misty while watching a movie (Wall-E fading and Eve's panic, for example), but I can't recall the last time I cried during a movie. The same is true for video games. Now, what will make me sob occasionally is anime. The difference is the amount of time invested. A series requires a steady investment of time and, if done well, it can create a stronger bond between myself and the character. That in turn will lead to a stronger emotional response from me during story moments. There isn't enough time in your average movie for me to build that kind of relationship with the film characters. On the other hand, while there is enough time while playing a game, the problem is most of that time involves me doing something such as "playing the game." Because I am never entirely focused on the story, there is a disconnect between myself and what the developers are trying to evoke. Part of me is always thinking about the next move or basic survival. While games can create a strong level of immersion, the game part itself prohibits me from committing to the illusion fully.

That is an interesting conclusion about story in games.

Has a movie ever made me cry? Hmm... It's a Wonderful Life kinda does, but that's because the ending of that movie is so damn heartfelt and great. It's a man who would carry the world on his shoulders alone if he had to coming to realize just how important he is to the people around him because of that fact, but that's a bit of a happy misty bit instead of about something sad.

And then there's Schindler's List. The part where Schindler looks around him and realizes that he could have sold his pen or his watch or his suit and saved a few more people. Again, another man who would carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, but this time it's in a far more tragic circumstance. I might just have a soft spot for those kinds of characters...

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I don't remember ever crying at any stories, but the more I think about it, the more sad moments I remember. There was this one part in Shutter Island that fucked me right up, I think I might have cried, though it's been a while so I'm not certain. Also The Dark Knight Rises when Alfred tells Bruce the truth about Rachel. As for other media pretty sure I cried at FF7, but I was only seven, so shh. Also when I replayed Final Fantasy 8 for like the third time, the part where Rinoa was suffocating created some very depressing emotions, even though I knew she survived, and had already experienced the scene before. So yeah, there's a pretty obvious trend between those four things

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The beginning of UP.

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alfred crying in TDKR was just awkward to me, and it happened twice

just think it was a bit of scenery chewing by him, and caine's usually quite the fine actor

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As a kid, I teared up at Uncle Ben's death in the original Spider-Man. Was sad.

As an adult, the end of The Life Aquatic came out of nowhere and hit me like a train. God damn it, Sigur Ros. Also, after Michael Clarke Duncan's death, I watched The Green Mile and the last ten or so minutes really, really got to me. Probably would have got to me even without him dying, what a fucking fantastic movie.

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Crying is a natural part of the human experience, duders. If something touches you, not a biggy to cry at all.

EDIT: This post is kind of pointless. If you've already decided that it says anything about you as a person to admit to crying or to crying in front of other people or because of a movie, well then, nothing I can say can change that.

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When after a night of substance abuse, my emotions are heightened so I'm not sure it counts. I find myself tearing up a lot at those points in time haha.
But when I'm good and sober these come to mind (Not all movies, just media)
The Ending of Toy Story, man that's a tough one
Ending of MGS4 , I feel kinga stupid about this one, considering how ridiculous and non-human/  relatable most of the characters are.

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The only instance of crying during movies I can think of in my adult life is the documentary Dear Zachary.

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@TheFreeMan said:

As an adult, the end of The Life Aquatic came out of nowhere and hit me like a train. God damn it, Sigur Ros

this, totally this

"i wonder if he remembers me" :'(

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I wanna say yes. But I can't remember any examples... I'm really good at choking up and WANTING to cry if that helps.

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I've cried during a lot of films. Maybe I'm just over emotional.

Of the few I can remember

  • Up
  • I Am Sam
  • Magnolia
  • Requiem for a Dream
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Bambi. That is all.

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Yes. Countless times.

I remember watching Love Exposure and that got me crying for a looong time. Princess Mononoke I seem to remember. Toy Story.

On another note, Mass Effect 2 AND 3 both got me crying. Liaras story in 3...just...damn

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As a teenager when I watched Grave of the Fireflies. Jesus was that movie devastating. As a semi-adult, Mary and Max gave me a tear and a lump in my throat at the end. As a kid, lion king.

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The Lion King, and Titanic are two films I've seen that have really sad moments. I always tear up when Mufasa dies in the Lion King.

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Toy Story 3, The Kings Speech, The Muppets.

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Yep. My Girl, when the boy died from the bee stings. *sniffle* :'(

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@HerbieBug said:

Yep. My Girl, when the boy died from the bee stings. *sniffle* :'(

My sister was 7 when we saw that in theaters. I think she cried for about three days.

As an adult though, if you don't at least tear up during the beginning of Up, then you are a robot.

And I don't even like dogs that much, but you are also a robot if you can survive the end of Marley & Me.

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The opening of Up. Twice.

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I will second Mary and Max. I was going through a shitty time in my life and the ending really hit me and I teared up.

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@Marino said:

As an adult though, if you don't at least tear up during the beginning of Up, then you are a robot.

@PK_Koopa said:

The opening of Up. Twice.

I know a lot of people went in expecting *something* so it had less of an impact, but I went in knowing literally nothing about the movie. The beginning hit me so hard I just couldn't believe it.

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Toy Story 3 brought me pretty damn close to it.

More recently, Cloud Atlas actually made me tear up; everything just swells at the end of that movie.

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I took film studies in high school and saw The Color Purple. At the end of the movie nearly half the class were in tears including myself.

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@MysteriousBob said:

No. I can separate fiction from reality.

You're totally superior to those who cry at movies.

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Not the only time it has happened to me, but I remember being really sad at the end of The Lord of the Rings (or rather the end of Return of the King to be more specific).

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@Illuminosopher said:

I love when people talk about crying like it's some sacred line that can't be crossed.

I'm such a bad-ass, I only cry during Jason Statham movies.

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Grave of the Fireflies destroyed me. That movie stuck with me for days.

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I do that a lot. It has something to do with reaction shots of people realizing something incredibly sad (or occasionally fantastic).

Thus I'll just with the first time it happened: My Girl when I was like ... 8 or 9 I think.

@Little_Socrates said:

Several! It's cathartic.

Very well put.

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I spent the final half of the last Harry Potter movie sobbing.

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Homeward Bound.

Bungee Jumping of their own.

Lovers Concerto

Some other Korean movies. I've gotten used to their tricks now, but when they were new to me they were pretty effective.

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"I Am Sam" I found incredibly sad the first and only time I watched it. I cried during that, and a little during "Click" which I find to be an incredibly underrated movie.
And yeah, "The Lion King".

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While I did not cry, I did get teary eyed watching Marley and Me.

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Are we talking about tears or are we talking about sobbing, because if tears count, it happens to me a lot. It's kind of embarrassing. But Million Dollar Baby, there's an example of one that did it.

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Quite a few that have been named already for me. Beginning of Up, Les Mis (though the movie was good I prefer seeing it live, but the ending still got me), the Notebook (I'm an empathetic cryer, and my female relatives were crying around me), others I can't remember. I'm an emotional guy.

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Toy Story 3 is the only film I actually cried at. I teared up at the end of Return of the King and, bizarrely, Source Code. I really, really have no idea why I teared up at Source Code.

EDIT: Oh, and I teared up an hour after the end of the last Harry Potter movie when I realized my childhood was over.

EDIT #2: If we count television movies, I also cried when Tennant's Doctor regenerated. "I don't want to go."

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I'm a man so no.

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@panvixyl said:

I spent the final half of the last Harry Potter movie sobbing.

oh yeah I forgot about that, that's the last one that made me cry too (just as good as the book imo)

also the part one of deathly hallows, the end of that was fuckin brutal as well

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I didn't cry, but I was very misty-eyed when Will Smith had to kill his dog (Sam) in I Am Legend. I am a huge dog lover and that had me very close to tears.

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Back when I first saw it, my eyes got a little teary at the end of Marley and Me (I really like dogs).

Also, although it's not a movie, I nearly lost it during the recent Adventure Time episode "I Remember You," but that's more for personal reasons (although the episode itself was already pretty sad).

Yeah, I'm kinda sappy at times

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I had a hard time with Closer. I went to see it with my girlfriend at the time and we were on the outs. WHAT A GREAT FUCKING IDEA RIGHT?


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@Animasta said:

@panvixyl said:

I spent the final half of the last Harry Potter movie sobbing.

oh yeah I forgot about that, that's the last one that made me cry too (just as good as the book imo)

also the part one of deathly hallows, the end of that was fuckin brutal as well


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I have came out of some movies with my emotion in tact. HOWEVER. Up is literally the movie that breaks me. I guess I can share that I have connection with the main character and the disappointment of not fulfilling his wife's childhood wish. Luckily, I only watched it with my ex. :X

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Ah yes, Vin Diesel's best acting in any movie. Who would have thought!

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Happens every now and then. Can't really keep track on the latest time it happened, but I do remember crying like a baby watching "Nae meorisokui jiwoogae" (A Moment to Remember).

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Yes, plenty of times; especially at the end of City Lights. Everyone is affected by movies in different ways, but for me that is the most powerful and emotional moment in any movie that I've seen.