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Definitely the opening to Up and even though it's not a movie, the Jurassic Bark episode of Futurama hit my gf and I real hard at the time because holy shit we were not expecting that.

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@ripelivejam said:

@Beforet said:

Does Walking Dead count as a movie?

or TV shows futurama jurassic bark

for a thousand summers, i will wait for you :'(

God dammit that episode always gets me. So sad.

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I remember tearing up at UP. must have been others but thats the one that sticks out at the moment

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I cried 4 or 5 separate times watching UP. I knew that movie made people cry but I never would have predicted I would be crying as much as I did. Personally I really enjoyed that, having regularly fall into tears like that and rise up and then back again 40 minutes later. It doesn't help that the whole idea of death and legacy and stuff strikes a particular chord with me. I'm also noticing how much of a sympathetic crier I am. Maybe not intense or even comparable to others but I definitely tear up when others do, even for movies that otherwise fall flat emotionally (like the Notebook, I tear upw hen the characters do, not because the moment is sad).

Oh, I almost forgot, you can get tears out of me damn near 100% of the time if you show me a childbirth video. I'm now bawling or anything but yeah, I just feel those emotions so intensely and I tear up.

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@LiquidS said:

I'm a man so no.

I cried reading your post

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Expendables 2, just watching my all time fav action stars like wash ups made me cry rivers.

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I remember tearing up watching Four Brothers in the theatre. I was 14 and I have siblings. The part when Jack is dying and screams for Bobby, god damn it.

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i think in UP "thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one!" part got to me way more than the montage at the beginning :(

also i like the rest of the movie just fine, probably my 2nd favorite even before ratatouille (the scene where the critic eats the ratatouille gets me too; not in a crying way though. movie is very inspirational to me and makes me feel like doing something important with my life/creating something)

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Craigslist Joe on Netflix got me misty eyed. Out of all movies that one did it.

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Forrest Gump 
The end of Up
And I'm proud to admit it.

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Up. Toy Story 2 (durning The Saddest Song Ever), West Side Story (Will Shakespear, Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein are a devastating combo), Wall-E and quite a few others.

The end of Vertigo doesn't make me cry but it crushes me every time I see it (even though I've seen it 50 or 60 times) -- and, as an aside, it is the answer to the bozos who say that Film Noir must be in black and white; no, it does not.

But, there's nothing like Grave of the Fireflies. It's beyond tears. I can't think straight for a couple of days after it.

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@Cloudenvy: Neko made you cry? Huh. I thought it was a pretty happy ending to be honest but maybe I misread it.

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Seems like everyone else I cried while watching Up, at the beginning and when he sees his wife's additions to her Dream book. At the end of Toy Story 3 i could barely keep the waterworks under control. When i was 5 or so I cried at the end of the Rainbow Bright, i dont know why... but i did.

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I was 5 or 6 at the time when I saw Disney's Bambi, If you've ever seen that movie you should know exactly which scene I choked up at.

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no, i don't think i have.

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Les Miserables is the most recent one. Real and human dramas can be heartbreaking.

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All the time. It seems to have actually increased with age as well, which is interesting. Specific movies that spring to mind are:

-The Last Samurai (it's that damn music)

-Homeward Bound

-Turner and Hooch (I remember watching that on TV in high school and being inconsolable afterwards)

-The Lion King

-The Neverending Story (the swamp of sadness bit.)

That's all that springs to mind at the moment. If we were to extend this to TV shows, then Naruto would shoot to the top of the list for me. I swear it has to be the music, as no matter what it is, if they want me to be sad and they cue up that sad Naruto music, the tears start flowing.

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The only time my eyes have ever got remotely teary during a movie was suprisingly Owen Wilson's Marley and Me, had a dog that looked exactly like Marley and that scene when he got put down really teared me up.

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I cry during a lot of movies if I really like them. If the emotion in the movie is well portrayed, I can't help but get caught up in them.

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A ton. I'm a big softie.

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@MysteriousBob said:

No. I can separate fiction from reality.

It's not a matter of being able to separate fiction from reality. A lot of people have been blessed with that gift... If you can't empathize or sympathize with anything then what's the point of watching movies? I find it hard to believe when people say then never cry, or at the very least don't get misty eyes. Usually sounds like some machismo bull to me.

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I used to feel sad during certain movies as a kid. These days, I tend to stay away from movies that are overly sad or sentimental. They're just not my thing anymore. I'm generally a sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/horror kinda guy.

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Like... Every one.

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The Green Mile. Everytime.

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I was a kid when I saw A.I. in the theater and cried during the whole epilogue bit because you just know whats coming.. I feel something recently but can't remember (The Walking Dead game got my the other night real bad)

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The fox and the hound.

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The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption on the top of my head

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@OldGuy said:

But, there's nothing like Grave of the Fireflies. It's beyond tears. I can't think straight for a couple of days after it.

Yeah man, definitely got some misty eyes during the ending, and my mood drops for hours after I watch it.

Other than that, the ending of Schindler's List also really got to me somehow.

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Click. I know, not a big deal movie, but I don't know what got me.

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@Jimi: I think it's a pretty tragic ending in all kinds of ways!

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All the time. Chronicle was a big one.

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The one movie I can think of that always gets to me is the end of Gladiator.

It's how the whole thing is set up with the fields, that same shot, the music, and everything leading up. Very well done.

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The end of Marley and Me.....I was not prepared for that film, the friend I was with he had dog just like Marley, it was a bit close to home.

Everyone else in the theatre was crying.

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The Green Mile and Toy Story 3

Toy Story was a huge part of my childhood and seeing that series come to a close was incredibly emotional.

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I welled up a little at the end of Jackie Brown when I watched it the other day. Something about the way Robert Forster looks when he realizes he can't be with Pam Grier because she's too immoral and their relationship was kinda founded on deceit, so there was no real trust. And then Pam driving to the airport, barely able to sing Across 110th Street. Gets me every time.

Still I tend never to try in movies, especially when the director is obviously trying to cue the audience into tears, because as a filmmaker, it's all too obvious when other filmmakers are trying to manipulate the audience. It's takes something seriously out of left field (like Jackie Brown) to get me.

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So what do you guys personally count as ''crying''. Do you mean tears running down or face, or just being really emotionally moved and your eyes getting watery? And I'm surprised so many people here can admit that they have cried, I thought it would be a bunch of people saying ''No, I'm not a girl''.

I'm proud of you, Giant bomb!

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@ShockD: Yeah, I thought the movie was poor but it really got me too.

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@NekuSakuraba: Most recently, Monsieur Lazhar. It was a very affecting movie.

Wall-E gets me a little misty.

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@Grixxel said:

Terminator 2 when Arnold goes into the lava and gives a thumbs up. I was seven when it came out, shut up.


I cry too damn much with movies. Last one I remember was Toy Story 3. I cried like a little bitch at the end of that movie. So did everyone else in the theater, so I guess it was okay.

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Any of you guys cry during Warrior? I heard it was a pretty sad movie.

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The only time I shed a tear while watching a movie was at the end of 50/50. That really got to me.

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Toy Story 3 is the closest i've ever come to crying at a film as an adult

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Million Dollar Baby

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Funny story, my Dad cried at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

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Ashamed to admit, Alexander the Great.... Is there something wrong with me? Also a couple of ex Yugoslav movies but that would not mean anything to you haha

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Yeah and I am proud. I am a 24 year old male and last year I cried whilst watching Toy Story 3.

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Last time I saw the Lord of the Rings movies, I got all teary-eyed when Boromir dies and that last scene between Frodo and Sam at the docks. Sean Astin just looks so goddamn sad, like he's just been at a funeral or something.

I also watched The Office (UK version) while I was severely depressed, so I just started crying my eyes out during the final episode. David telling Chris to fuck off, Dawn returning to the office and Tim's last little monologue for some reason really hit a nerve there.

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@Jrinswand said:

I can't remember the last time that I cried in a movie. I remember watching The Lair of the White Wormwhen I was a little kid and crying because I accidentally ripped off part of one of my toenails.

I almost teared recently when watching Les Miserables. I didn't, but almost.

Same. I don't cry at movies, or basically ever short of suffering some really painful injury, but Les Miserables did get me slightly teary at the end.

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The Transformers animated movie. Optimus Prime dying gets me every time.